Emotional Appeal

So Laci The Dog (no link, fuck him!) recently linked this video supporting gun control.

Filled with Emotional appeal, and VERY light on details. The stories I DO know about are Columbine and Virginia Tech. VT was a gun-free zone, where unarmed students and teachers were shot by a man who was declared by a court of law to be mentally ill….but because the squishy judge didn’t feel the need to have a man just declared a danger to himself and others committed, therefore he was legally allowed to buy guns. All sorts of crazy gun control (including limited magazines because his mags were bought on ebay, and one-gun-a-month) none of which worked.

Columbine were two under-aged felons who had a 18 year old woman buy long-guns for them, and they illegally bought a pistol from another man. They also made explosives and used them to commit murder and mayhem in a gun-free zone. The woman, Robyn Anderson was never charged, also according to that link the guy who sold them the pistol served 19 months (On a 6 year charge) and the guy who brokered the deal served 4 years? How much sense does that make? Still again this is failure of gun control laws to protect anybody.

Bryon Miller is in there too. I talked about his story here, as well as a few others. I can’t speak for the unnamed people, but I will say others have dishonestly blamed guns for the loss of loved ones.

Still that’s a logical rebuttal to an emotional argument. How about an emotional rebuttal, if you’d like to follow below the cut.

See also this video (I can’t embed it)

(Sorry for the horrendous music, but you get the point)

So there you have it, one weepy appeal to restrict and ban guns…and multiple weepy videos from a nation that has essentially banned guns and gun ownership, and is essentially a police state calling for bans and restrictions on KNIVES!

You see the crux of the argument in BOTH cases is saying that ONE more restriction, ONE more infringement will grant paradise and safety….only it doesn’t.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Great post, and true, you can’t fight emotion, there is NO logic…

  2. Linoge says:

    But… but… but… they are just not doing it right! If the right people were in charge, and they made the right decisions, and they implemented the right laws, all of this violence and bloodshed would go away, and we could all live in peace. So we have to keep trying, until we find the right combination, or get the right people in the right places…


    Anti-rights cutltists have been trying “gun control” for the past century, if not more. Nowhere has it ever resulted in a net increase in public safety. If it has not yet, it is not going to. Time to move on.

  3. Kermit says:

    Sic vis pacet, Para Bellum. Not just for nation-states any more (or ever).

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