How Its Done!

This is Dinner!

Chili with beans, and cornbread that contains sugar. We do it that way because it tastes good. If you like it a different way YOU ARE WRONG, AND YOU WILL GO TO HELL WHEN YOU DIE!!! 😉 I kid!

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Dude, I think that Dante’s 7th Level of Hell is reserved for those who put beans in Chili.

    At least you described it accurately; it is Chili with Beans. Good on you for that.

    That said, it is about 48 degrees here. A big bowl of chili sounds like a great idea.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I was just clarifying it for you confused rebels that leave half the good ingredients of chili out!

      There’s yummy beans in there, as well as onions and peppers, as well as meat. MMMMMMM!

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    The Beard is Correct. Chili con Carne, as is taught by the people who created it, is the Modification to Chili con Frijol (Beans). BEANS is the Original, Natural Way to make Chili. You Gringos who leave out the Beans are the same kind of Blasphemous Evil Imperialist Lackeys who have kept the Brown Man Down since you Invaded the Americas! As for the Sugar in the Corn Bread, well, that’s just the natural progression from Honey to Molasses to Sugar. Gotta have the sweetener in it, or it’s just Johnny Cake.

  3. Yankeefried says:

    Beans are normally cheaper than meat, allowing one to save money for Mass taxes.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Not valid anyway, as a point of contention in the Weer’d Manor is what meat to use. I prefer stew beef and let it cook all day so its totally tender and rich…but the wife doesn’t like that consistency so she uses ground beef, which doesn’t have quite the flavor if you ask me.

      Beans and veggies are also for your vitamins and minerals. That picture right there was my good-boy balanced dinner! My Mom reads this blog, don’t you know!

  4. Reputo says:

    I like to take a big slice of cornbread, slice it horizontally, squirt an obscene amount of honey on it, top it with a couple scoops of chili (which naturally has beans in it), and top it with a mountain of cheddar cheese. Probably enough calories in one of my servings to last a grown man a few days.

    But I like to have seconds, just to piss on the health police!

  5. Did you at least cook the cornbread in cast iron? With bacon grease?

    Cook three slices of bacon really slow in a cast iron pan. Remove bacon and “discard”. Pop the skillet – grease and all – into the oven until the drippings are smokin’ hot. Pull the pan out and pour in your batter, return to oven and cook for the duration.

    You know I like that boxed “jiffy” stuff, but with more wheat flour than corn and as sweet as it is, I have to call it “corn-flavored sheet cake”

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