I Hope We Hear More About This

Arcticelf tipped me off to this story

A experimental device that delivers electrical pulses to the forehead can help control epileptic seizures, say scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles….”Medications can cause mood problems, fatigue or problems with thinking for some people,” DeGiorgio says. “I see this as an alternative because it doesn’t cause those side effects.”

Yeah they do! Interesting info and of course I’d be interested in more data than provided by NPR. Still I must say we’re doing OK with this. The meds are being scaled down so far problem-free. Sadly I can tell the difference between a medicated and un-medicated Mrs. Weer’d, but hopefully that will be minimized over time.

Still good to see more stuff coming out over time. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more, and maybe even see a clinical trial if that seems like a good idea.

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  1. North says:

    *hug for Mrs. Weer’d*

  2. 45er says:

    Same from me. I’ve seen friends deal with this and it is just a scary, unpredictable thing.

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