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Grahhh I still feel like crap. So the free ice cream is just flowing like asphalt. So here are some quick movie reviews:

Despicable Me . Nothing really new presented, except that its children’s movie with an anti-hero as the lead, which is fresh. Overall its just a fun and amusing ride, and a great film for anybody with kids who can’t watch the more risque films.

Next up was drastically better than I expected. Love the Beast OK, Eric Bana, and a Ford XB Falcon GT, SOLD! Toss in Jay Leno, and Jeremy Clarkson, and a really candid look at Mr. Bana’s family, not to mention some AMAZING race footage in Tasmania, and it was a GREAT documentary!

Last up is a mystery. SOMEBODY from The Conspiracy Lokidude told me this film was streaming on Netflix (Love the Beast is too) but I forgot who tipped me.

The film is Modify, and this film pulls NO punches. It explores the world of body modification. It does a very good job at getting inside the mind of people who tattoo, pierce, surgically altar, scar, brand, as well as taking an interesting angle and talking to professional body builders. Not only did they give great interviews and present the art of body modifications, and shows some very amazing modifications and performances (like suspension shows) but it also shows a lot of bloody surgery, from cosmetic stuff like liposuction, face lifts, and breast augmentation, to piercing, implanting objects, tongue splitting, genital implanting and piercing, as well as gender reassignment.

Lots of blood, genitals, and stuff that looks VERY painful. I won’t lie, it made me a a bit uncomfortable in places, which is kinda why I put it on in the first place. Very very neat film. The coolest thing I took away was the interviews with Lizard Man as well as Stalking Cat, they really presented their modifications in a very sane and pedestrian way which I really enjoyed, given that I have not one tattoo or piecing.

Also what’s neat is one of my distinctive personal features is my beard which is a LACK of modification. Just neat.

Yeah so go check them all out, but be warned that Modify is a rough ride. If you’re into that, then its awesome, if you’re not, you’re not going to like it.

**UPDATE** Mrs. Weer’d just reminded me we also watched Blood Work which has been streaming on Netflix since I first started looking at their streaming selection, but I watched this week, and it blew my mind. GREAT mystery really good story, and good pacing. You’ll like that too!

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  1. 45er says:

    I think I’ll take you up on a couple of those. I’ll probably do without Modify. Blood Work sounds like a possibility.

  2. Lokidude says:

    I’m the one who suggested Modify to you.

  3. D2k says:

    I’ve seen Lizard Man around Austin a few times, his mods are pretty interesting, never heard of Stalking Cat before, but looking at pictures of him I can’t say I see any appeal in his mods.
    I don’t have an purposeful body modifications (I’ve got some interesting scars) and don’t plan on any, but I can see why some people would like them.

  4. Lokidude says:

    The kid who designed the implants was Pretty awesome too. All in all, it was a really cool look into the whats and hows and whys of modification.

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