I’m In!

So Chris has proposed a boycott of anti-gun blogs. Now rather than the hard-boycott I talked about in Rules of Engagement, this is more of a soft boycott.

I propose that we organize a multi-day boycott of their sites. For, say, a 72 hour period, nobody visits or comments; dump them out of your RSS feeds; don’t link to them. In fact, it’d be even better to do it for a week, but it would probably be harder to keep cohesion together for that long. A few days will get the point across. Once the 72 hours are up, feel free to catch up, comment away, and link to the latest garbage.
…Right now, I propose 1 April (“April Fool’s!”) for the start of the embargo, unless someone can come up with a better or more symbolic date.

I’m in, and I’m in for a full week as of April First. And Chris, I propose keep that date, as it has a good lead time, and everybody will remember it.

So please pass this around, this idea needs to go viral in the gunblogs so we can get the best results.

Also if anybody has any clout with Robert “I’m a Gun Owner But…” Farago over a The Truth About Guns, because that place seems to be quite the troll-feeding blog, if you could see if you can get some of his readers on, that will make some results as well.

Then again, if you read the Truth About Guns, you’re pretty much anti-gun anyway, so you probably agree with those on the Joyce and Brady Payroll. 😉

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  1. On April 1st I’ll stop not visiting anti-gun blogs and start not visiting anti-gun blogs. Immediately after that time I will proceed to not visit anti-gun blogs.

    I also promise to stop smoking the cigarettes I don’t smoke.

  2. RuffRidr says:

    I’m in, even though I rarely post on anti-gun blogs anymore. I quit posting at a well known troll’s blog site after either he or his co-editor changed a link in one of my posts. The other site that I occasionally will post at is Japete’s blog. But it seems like I am marked over there, because my posts rarely get published despite there being nothing objectionable for her about them, except maybe my point of view.

    An additional bonus would be to totally ignore them if they post on pro-gun blogs as well. Leave their posts up, but just ignore them like the insignificant trolls that they are.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nice on the comments too. That tends to be what they feed on. I’ve seen well-known-troll post on lefty blogs, but because he’s an idiot with nothing insightful to add nobody pays him any mind and he moves on.

      I will say my policy of their comments is all automated here, and I’m not altering my spam filter just for one week.

  3. And to think I assumed I was the only one who doesn’t enjoy “the truth about guns”.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      What’s scary is how many gunnies enjoy that haven of “I’m a gun owner but…” behavior. I mean he’s against open carry, against constitutional carry, for mandatory training, and likes to blame victims of break-ins for not locking up their guns enugh.

      And that’s without him feeding trolls, and even letting them publish posts, and deleting comments just because they support the second amendment a little too much!

      Yeah fuck him, and anybody who looks like him.

      BTW for whatever reason one of your comments landed in my spam trap. Since you got a duplicate published I just trashed one of them after approving it. Shouldn’t happen again, but if it does, just hang back, as it’ll pop back up again as soon as I look thorough the trap.

    • Linoge says:

      Read them for about a month, primarily for the reviews, and then I realized that the vast majority of the people writing there (and especially Farago) were the type who would sell out something they considered distasteful (for example, Assault Weapons) just to stave off the “gun control” monster a little longer.

      Fuck that noise.

      And then, as Weer’d says, he has the unmitigated gall to blame robbery victims if the criminals happen to make off with their firearms… And I guess women with short skirts “were asking for it”, right?

      I have no use for duplicitous, self-righteous frakwits like him.

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    I do that already. I washed my hands of them a long time ago, they are intellectually lazy cheats and bums. F* ’em they’re robots.

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