Let’s Play a Game

So a Joyce Shill decided to makes a White House Petition to ban private sale. Thanks to the “Massive Popular Support” of gun control it has managed to get two Signatures (Note the names are both Joyce Shills at that) in Four days! (Actually it was Two in Two, and that might be all the support they can muster!)

So a few of us have created a few Polls (Sean Lists them here, tho he didn’t create all of them), pop over to see how they’re doing, and maybe sign up for an account and add your name as well while you’re at it.

While these petitions will doubtfully inspire any major action, and could result in your address being compiled by the white house (I used my public email that also happens to have a VERY nice Spam trap, so no worries there) it does do two useful things:

#1. It shows that the antis have ZERO grassroots support, and couldn’t organize a potluck supper, let alone sweeping legal changes to the nation.

#2. If the petition gains the 5,000 signatures I suspect SOMEBODY in the White House will read it and make note of it. It may be discarded, or it may be brought up in the 2012 election campaign. Further the HR 822 petition gets the 5,000 it might sent the word that if this bill reaches the President’s desk, a Veto would be politically unwise.

So go out there and let your voice be heard. Also if you create, or know of some other pro-rights petitions send them to Sean to add to his post.

Let’s see if we can get the 5,000 by the end of the month!

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve added an addendum making clear who authored which petition.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Thanks for listing them all. I was going to do it myself and said “Why Bother, Sean’s done all the hard work for me!”

      I dunno about the NFA ones, but I bet we can make the goal on the HR 822, which also has the most going for it because I the President couldn’t even be bothered to author Obamacare, or a budget, the White House is NOT going to present an Amendment concerning the NFA.

      Still it’s looking like a VERY real possibility that HR 822 making it to the President’s desk, and even somebody as dumb as him will realize that 5,000+ Signatures inside of a month equals a LOT of people come election day.

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