“Gun Death” Sucker Punch

Of course in a world without guns people will just settle their disputes with their fists.

A former Radford University student charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a man last month was granted bond this morning but placed on house arrest…At a bond hearing this morning in Radford Circuit Court, Czajkowski’s lawyer, Jimmy Turk, said the alleged assault “would appear to be one punch. The victim tragically fell back and hit his head.”

Duncan’s autopsy report has not yet been completed, Turk said, but it is believed he died of a heart attack.

All it takes is a single punch to kill another human, be it a power-shot or a lucky-shot. Now note how many people have fists. Now note how many people are murderers.

Is there a reason why we go after tools rather than focusing on the people who commit such crimes?

h/t Jake

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  1. Look at the death of Harry Houdini. That was a series of blows to the stomach. While compounded by appendicitis, still a death by fists.

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