More 4th Amendment Damage

Cemetery got jerked around by the cops.

Bring on the dog then I said, was told ok, but if the dog gets to happy, it’s too bad about any potential damage.

Nice right? Do what we want or your car gets trashed basically.

Out comes the dog, a male German Shepard, who don’t give two shits about my car. And anybody with a brain could tell he was just happy to get some fresh air and chase some squirrels.

So of course the LEO says the dog likes my car, and now comes the fun.

They didn’t give two shits about the guns, they just wanted to search for narcotics.

I complain about the TSA’s abuse of the 4th Amendment, but they’re hardly the first ones on the scene, the “War on Drugs” scuttled our right to not be searched without probable cause.

Po-Po decided that Cemetery must be smuggling drugs…or they have a quote to meet and Cemetery’s number was up, hook-or-by-crook.

He’s as upstanding as the next guy, but the cops say “The Dog Likes Your Car”. I suspect the dog likes and dislikes any car they see fit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There would be a world of problems if you could buy heroin at the local drug store with no more hassle than buying a pack of smokes, or a bottle of booze…but I don’t think it would be worse than the problems caused by the “War on Drugs”.

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  1. Jake says:

    Drug dogs react to their handlers more reliably than they do to actual drugs. Worse, false alerts are easily obtained. did an article earlier this year highlighting a damning study of using dogs to bypass the 4th Amendment.

    The results? Dog/handler teams correctly completed a search with no alerts in just 21 of the 144 walk-throughs. The other 123 searches produced an astounding 225 alerts, every one of them false. Even more interesting, the search points designed to trick the handlers (marked by the red slips of paper) were about twice as likely to trigger false alerts as the search points designed to trick the dogs (by luring them with sausages). [emphasis mine – Jake]

    I have this information and links to the studies saved for use here at work the next time it comes up. Every freedom-minded person needs to push for drug dog “alerts” to be deemed insufficient for probable cause.

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