Nice Video

On how to grip the 1911…or really any other pistol.

Your grip and stance make an amazing difference on how the recoil of the gun feels, and you can handle some pretty scary guns if your form is good.

I’ve shot some brick-splitter handguns, from .454 Casull to .500 Magnums loaded hot, to Jay’s Snubbie From Hell. A good solid grip and an aggressive shooting stance keeps pain to a minimum and allows you to effectively utilize some pretty heavy artillery!

Couple this with a moderate recoiling gun and you just gain gobs of control and fast follow-up shots. A great lesson!

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  1. I don’t understand the grip with the thumb on top of the safety. It seems a bit uncomfortable to me, and…..I can’t fire a 1911 with my thumb on top of the safety, because I can’t have my thumb there and still depress the grip safety. I have rather large hands, too, perhaps there is something else I’m missing.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Really? That’s the only way I shoot a 1911. the advantage is that #1 assuming your firing grip takes the safety off the gun, so no need to have a step in your drawstroke that flips the safety off. Also once you practice at it you can use the downward pressure to counteract muzzle-flip making your follow-ups a lot faster.

      Interesting on the Grip safety. Might just be the shape of your hands, I’ve never been able to hold a 1911 in any sort of grip that doesn’t engage the safety.

      • I didn’t think I could either until I tried that grip. Same thing happens with my wife.

        I suppose it’s always possible that my gun is cursed. Occam’s Razor and all.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          What 1911 do you have? Also do you get your hand as high as you can under the beavertail, and your thumbs as far forward on the safety?

          here’s my standard shooting stance (I stack my thumbs as I find it more comfortable and interferes less with the slide.)

          BTW just pulled my carry gun to look at my grip mechanics. and when I grab my gun the webbing of my hand falls right on the speed-bump on my grip safety. (Speed bumps are nice, but I also have never had an issue with GI 1911s either) The only way I can relax the safety is by not squeezing the grip. I apply a good deal of rearward pressure on the frontstrap.

          • I have the Rock Island Tactical. I do try to keep my hands as high on the grip as I can. Actually I half wonder whether the web of my thumb isn’t actually pushing UP on the beavertail.

            I’ll definitely have to experiment when I’m back home, don’t have the 1911 near me at the moment–it won’t qualify for carry duty until it has a lot more rounds through it without failing.

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