OK, Worth a Listen

Saw last night that Adam Carolla put up a podcast interviewing the revolting Michael Moore. I immediatly thought of this Tom Green Abortion from Nerdist, but knowing that I can always delete it if it goes off the rails, I thought I’d give it a shot. Before we get going, it was good. Of course when Mike got speaking either I knew he was lying, or a suspected he was lying. He’s a pathological liar (BTW there are a ton of great documentaries about Mr. Moore and his total lack of ethics and honesty, also I recommend this book by the great Dave Hardy…and it might be fun if you think that $12 for an awesome book is doable to click through Adam Carolla’s Amazon banner, just for irony), but he seemed to know Carolla well enough to keep from stuffing his fat foot to far in his mouth.

Still it was overall an interesting and funny show. Still if you don’t listen to podcasts, or just aren’t interested, the big part I wanted to tell everybody about was what Adam put up on his youtube channel:

This whole clip proceeds a talk about United Flight 93 where the passengers resisted the terrorists. Mike even says that if “All the terrorists had guns they’d still be overwhelmed by the passengers if they all fought back” (paraphrased quote)…I’ll note that Mike is 100% right there, just look at the Tuscon Arizona Shooting, people didn’t comply and they fought back, even unarmed, and stopped the attack.

Irony reaches critical mass with that video clip, where Moore, a champion for victim disarmament points out that bare-handed isn’t the way to go into a fight, and talks about carrying improvised weapons on a plane.

Now Moore is a disgustingly obese and out-of-shape guy, but a lot of fat guys were big dudes who let their waists go (and it seems that big burly guys don’t seem to have the metabolism through life of the pipe-cleaner dudes), but Moore of course was a scrawny kid who packed on a pile of dead weight, likely through self loathing (one thing Mr. Moore and I agree on, we both loathe Michael Moore), just look at the muscle tone on his arms as he lifts them up to feign a garrote. This is the anti-gun Kung-fu Panda X100, do you think Moore could muster the speed and strength to use either of his improvised weapons with any affect?

I suspect, and why he is talking about it, he expects some all-American line-backer to take his advice and come to his rescue. If an attack like this happens again, I hope he’s right, because besides Moore there will likely be people on the plane worth saving.

Kinda interesting when Antis have to comfort themselves with self-defense, to justify wanting to ban guns.

And then they call me paranoid for wearing a .45.

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  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    Why carry improvised weapons when you can have real ones? Improvised weapons should be a backup plan. How does that saying go again? “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You know the mantra of the antis: “Guns are different because Guns are different!”

      You hear antis talking about carrying cans of wasp spray, or keeping baseball bats under their bed for home defense. They WANT the same thing we want, and they understand the same dangers in life that we do…just they feel that somehow packing a purpose-built and proven-effective tool for those concerns would somehow tarnish their idealistic souls.

      And certainly they don’t want US to have what they don’t want. Honestly that’s the ONLY reason why I concern themselves with me. I’m friendly with religious people, and gays, and people who ski…the list goes on. And I have ZERO issue with any of that until they tell me I need to somehow do something I don’t want to do.

      I know lots of people who don’t like guns, or feel uneasy about them…but they’re find with ME and guns, and like having ME around because they know as a friend I would do all I could to protect them. That’s fine and awesome….its the people who don’t like guns and think I shouldn’t either that are the problem.

  2. Lance R. Peak says:

    You do realize that isn’t actually Michael Moore in the “scrawny kid” video link, yes?

  3. RedeemedBoyd says:

    I can’t help but laugh at the ’40 or 50 mph fastball.’ Does he even realize what nonsense spills from his mouth? I seem to remember higher speeds than that in little league, so I did a quick search and found this tidbit:
    Average for a good 12 year old seems to be mid 60’s.
    Michael, are you admitting to being weaker than a 12 year old? Or just attempting to supply information without knowing any facts, like you always do?

    On another note, I just LOVE the idea of taking the time to tie my shoes together, after getting them off my feet, so I can approach someone and choke them. Because, you know, they would NEVER turn around when they heard me approaching. Unless he’s thinking about strangling someone sitting idly in the seat in front of himself.

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