Smarter Bloggers than myself have mentioned that anti-rights activists are aiding and abetting criminals. Not only do many of them show some very violent tendencies, there are a good number of them convicted of serious crimes. So some of their behavior could be considered “professional courtesy”, but it goes deeper than that.

Here in Massachusetts it is one of the most difficult states to get a gun. You need to take a safety course and pay a fee to get a permit just to OWN a gun. The permitting system is “May Issue”, and furthermore rife with illegal additional requirements. Like some towns demand more money than the state mandated fee. Others demand you become a member of a gun club (to add to the problem there are only a handful of clubs that admit members who don’t already have their firearms permit), many require letters of reference from non-relatives, some require a doctor’s note, or a note from an employer, one town used to require a qualification course. It wasn’t a difficult course, but it had to be conducted BEFORE the person can legally own a gun, so unless they have armed friends or relatives, or are willing to rent firearms at a club or shop that has a shooting range, they may have only fired a few dozen rounds at their safety course in their whole life, and may not even be remotely comfortable with guns yet.

As I said these additional requirements are illegal to add to the application process, and some of them may no longer be in practice, but they are rarely challenged, because who wants to be on the shit-list of your local police? Also who wants to pay thousands of dollars to contest a few hundred dollar hoop (not to mention you likely plan on putting some serious cash down on guns, ammo, cleaning, and safety gear).

Furthermore your permit can be revoked for any reason, even if you are not convicted of a crime. There are cases of people getting their permit revoked for ACCIDENTAL open carry (note open carry is 100% legal in Massachusetts if you have a Mass Permit…but its the general consensus that open carrying will get your permit revoked), and of course people have had their permit revoked for expressing their political views.

Also all guns you buy or own must be registered with the state, and any private sales must be recorded with a state, and a person may only sell 4 guns per calender year before they must sell their guns through a gun shop.

Like anything these horrible (and likely unconstitutional) laws are done in the name of reducing violent crime. Of course when actual violent criminals violate these laws, the charges are dismissed. But when you look at groups like Mayors Against ILLEGAL guns (the Fatter Dumber Co-Chair of that group is Boston’s Own Tom Menino) VIOLENCE Policy Center, Coalition Against Gun Violence, et al. You’d think these people, if honest, would be against all violent crime, and do anything to keep criminals off our streets. We all know how they really feel.

Outraged lawmakers and activists blasted Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday for refusing to approve the Obama administration’s Secure Communities program in the Bay State, which they argue could have prevented brutal killings and rapes allegedly carried out by illegal immigrants….The program, currently enforced in 42 states, would require all local Bay State law enforcement agencies to share fingerprint information of those arrested with federal immigration officials. Currently only Boston, which has been a part of the program since 2006, automatically shares the information.

Get that? If somebody is an ILLEGAL immigrant (crime one) is arrested for an additional crime, our state government is resisting the federal request to send in fingerprint data to check weather the criminal has committed further crimes, possibly under other assumed names, given that illegals often use false or stolen identities to avoid detection.

So for me to BUY a gun I need to be registered with the state, as well as my guns, and even if I have a clean background I might not get my permit simply because I live in a town that is not gun-friendly. But gang members in possession of guns outside of the law often have those charges dismissed, and illegal aliens who are committing further crimes are sheltered from the federal government. Furthermore we have sanctuary cities in this state where the local law enforcement will ignore the Federal immigration laws, as well as not cooperate with federal law enforcement.

They are anti-freedom, and Pro-Criminal. If you are a lawful citizen you are the enemy to these “Progressives”. Thankfully the government is pushing back.

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  1. guffaw says:

    And TJIC comes to mind, also.

  2. Jake says:

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone in MA had their permit revoked simply due to a new chief LEO taking over, like what happened in California a couple of years ago?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Never heard of it, and it would be harder because Mass demands non-issuance be presented in writing to the applicant. This works well for “Bad Judgement” which has ranged from an inflammatory blog post, to having a coat blow open over a concealed gun, to failing to return a video to Blockbuster.

      The fun little trick is NOT to deny permits….just issue shit permits. So when a new “Progressive” Chief takes the helm, nothing changes….until you renew, and your LTC A (carry Permit) suddenly comes back in the mail as a FID C (Target and hunting only permit, and holder may only own and buy low-capacity shotguns and rifles) never heard of it, but I don’t see why they couldn’t return an FID D which is pepper spray only.

      And such a dick move like that requires no notification or reason given. “May Issue” = “Won’t Issue”

      • Jack says:

        Wow… now that’s a dick move.

        What it all show is a true contempt for the average citizen and the idea of the rule of law.

        But what can you expect, the “may issue” and “only one” mentality has the idea of a serf underclass and enlightened overclass baked right in.

  3. MAgunowner says:

    Boston still requires range test, both on first application and every six years at renewal.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yuck! I know Quincy dropped it with the recent Chief change….sad to hear Bean-town is still bad.

      Also IIRC Its LTC-B or bust there, No LTC-As even with restrictions…unless you’re connected of course.

  4. Linoge says:

    JayG has touched on this periodically as well, illustrating the potential punishment for breaking some of MA’s more idiotic firearm-related laws (like, for example, the “expended cartridge in your pocket” felony), and then comparing them against the punishments people receive for rape, assault, or even murder. The frightening thing, of course, is that there simply is no comparison…

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