Progressive Projection

Grrrr this frustrates me so much. I’m listening to Nerdist #113 with Mike Birbiglia. About halfway through they start talking about politics.

The sheer irony of saying that there are hardcore racists in America who get upset when they get a black waiter at a restaurant, so they must be really pissed now that Obama is President. I get that, and agree.

Then they go and say that “Those People” are the Tea Party. Nice! They also reference brain-dead bigot Bill Maher (whom they seem to think is a valid entity) who claimed “Not all Republicans are Racist, but all the racists are Republicans”.

Nothing like intolerance being projected onto innocent bystanders. There’s a bunch of other disappointing bullshit.

Too bad, as its a funny podcast, and I get that they’re all Hollywood Comedians, and they can afford to look at only the bright and pretty side of “Progressivism”, but man, leave the politics to the pundits, I want you to talk about the Comedy industry and make me laugh, thanks.

Your insight was rude, intolerant, and ignorant, and not thought provoking, you guys REALLY sold yourself short on this one.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Might as well save your electricity, it’s just going to get worse.

  2. wizardpc says:

    I sometimes have the same problems when watching the This Week in Google or This Week in Tech podcasts. It happens more on TWiG, mostly because the panel consists of the owner of the network, a married lesbian in San Franscisco, and a New York journalism professor. I think a lot of people emailed in to complain, because it really died down suddenly.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Same also goes for Dan Savage. He talks out against the homophobes in the Republican Party (which he’s got every right to, and they deserve it) But fails to note the massive amounts of Homophobes on the National Democrat scene.

      Yeah I’m sure in Seattle he’s got some crazy gay Congressman, here in Mass we have Barny Frank….but they seem to all be content on their own line to be gay, but do jack shit to actually EXTEND the rights to others.

  3. RobertM says:

    I ended up just turning that episode off. The stupid was strong with that one. I mean, they do know that the most rapid racists in the country have been Democrats, right? No, they don’t. Because they’re too ignorant about history and can only spout what clever comment they heard someone else say. The problem with comedians talking about politics is that when they make a snarky comment and get someone to laugh they suddenly get it in their heads that they’ve actually made real, logical statements.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Its as simple as they don’t WANT their people to be horrible racists.

      Hence why the Trinity United scandal went nowhere during the 2008 election cycle.

      Yeah people who didn’t much care for Barry-O realized he was a part of the ultra-racist Black nationalism that’s so prevalent in the inner cities, and among the civil rights leaders that are still grasping for relevance in this modern day of acceptance.

      Meanwhile people who LIKED him simply put whatever veil of denial they could, and just waltzed on.

      This conversation came up at my Dad’s house, and I actually walked across the room to his computer and pulled up Trinity United and pulled up their “Black Values System” Credo…its still there BTW, not a bit of shame in the “Good” kind of racism:

      I said: “Just read this and then make your point for Senator Obama.”
      Dad Responded: “No I won’t read it.”

      Now first he tried to brush me off assuming the above link was from Fox news or a right-wing blog etc… but when he realized that #1. It was coming from the very church, and #2 I wasn’t bluffing in the least (and those who know me, I have little interest in bluffing anyway, I may offer a lose-lose scenario to hopefully bargain a more beneficial outcome…but trust me, I wouldn’t have offered if I hadn’t already prepared to go down that road….)

      Nope, Eyes closed, fingers in ears. He didn’t like the idea of his candidate hating whites and jews just because they weren’t good black men and women. Same goes for the gays who don’t like the idea that the President is a homophobe.

      So they simply wish it away.

      So to be fair, I’m sure there are a handful of people at tea-party rallies who disagree with President Obama because he’s a Ni**er (tho its well documented that many of those black-bashers are tea-party crashers) but frankly if that was the core of their dislike of him and the out-of-control government, they’re doing an amazing job covering their racist tracks with valid arguments.

  4. Joat says:

    That episode had me yelling at the mp3 player. Obama is president because of racists like those guys, people who vote for him just because of the color of his skin.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Don’t be so narrow minded, they voted for him because of his expansive resume of jobs and accomplishments, not to mention his speeches. Nobody has such a vocabulary of “Uh” “uhs”, and “Umms” that he does!

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