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From Tam

Don M: “I will still “vote for the syphilitic camel, over Obama”.”

Tam: “Keep ordering syphilitic camel, and they’ll just stop putting anything else on the menu, as a quick look at the current GOP field will tellingly point out.”

We can look at this from the other direction too. In 2004 the world HATED themselves some George W. Bush, but the Donks shunted crazy Dr. Howard Dean (BTW I have a conservative friend from Vermont who had a prostate exam from Dr. Dean. He’s got a BUNCH of great jokes that use that materiel…the lefties in the family aren’t huge fans) and Brought Blue-Blood Semi-Retarded John Forbes Kerry to the election.

The vote went for the Hated Bush, and four years later Barack Obama became our President. Say what you will about President Zero, his campaign persona was exactly what the left had been wanting for AGES…they seem a little miffed that not only does he mirror their ideology, but their Work Ethic as well is really more sad irony than anything else.

If the GOP wants to serve me another Bob Dole, George Bush (take your pick of which), John McCain, GOP, I think maybe we need another four of Barry-O to think about things.

Sebastian seems to be beating a drum about the Supreme court but Richard beats me to my sentiment:

Do you have some sort of magic decoder ring that tells you that Romney will nominate 2nd A friendly judges. Certainly his history doesn’t indicate this. And some of the worst judges on 2A issues have been nominated by Republican presidents. Warren, Burger, Stevens, Souter. Obama is a problem but the problem is the lack of a real conservative party. Romney’s nomination will just lock this problem into stone.

“Maybe a Conservative Justice” doesn’t seem like a just reward for electing the monster that is Romney, nor the Old Guard Authoritarian Gingrich.

Also even if Sebastian is right do we mean “Conservative” as in “Originalist” or do we mean “Daddy State”?

Yeah, thanks, but no-thanks.

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  1. Alan says:

    I think the Supreme Court argument is moot. No “conservative” will retire in a liberal administration and no “liberal” will retire in a conservative administration. If the GOP foists Romney or another big government liberal on us then they deserve to lose.

  2. Jake says:

    I think the Supreme Court argument is moot. No “conservative” will retire in a liberal administration and no “liberal” will retire in a conservative administration.

    Unfortunately, there are two that are old enough that there’s a very real possibility they could die during his next term, so it’s not entirely moot from that perspective.

    On the other hand, as I said over at Sebastian’s: The problem I see is that I don’t think Romney’s choices for SCOTUS would be any better than Obama’s, and that a Republican run Congress won’t give any resistance to Romney’s choices – it’ll be essentially a rubber-stamp confirmation process. While it’s normally a rubber-stamp even when there is opposition, it is at least possible for a nomination to be tanked (remember Harriet Miers?).

    At least with an Obama presidency a Repub Congress will oppose pretty much anything he does on general principles. With Romney, that “R” after his name means he won’t have a lot of opposition from a Republican Congress, and I don’t see his politics as being different enough from the Won’s for that to be a good situation.

    If Romney gets the nomination, I would be strongly tempted to vote for Obama just to encourage that kind of gridlock. I’ll be looking at third party candidates first, but the temptation is there.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I 100% agree. Also couple Republican partisan support of the President, with the fact that Romney is a certified go-getter while Obama could be best described as a lay-about. Romney is a VERY real danger, and a vastly bigger threat to my view of America.

  3. alcade says:

    Two things:

    First, I’m a bit confused by all this “GOP candidate foisted upon us.” Last I checked, just about everyone and his next door neighbor was running for the Republican nomination. Meaning, that ultimately it is going to be the GOP electorate that decides the candidate (conspiracy theories aside). Keep that in mind. It’s easy to blame the “Republican establishment” instead of our friends and neighbors, who are currently giving Romney his popularity in the polls.

    As for “Do you have some sort of magic decoder ring that tells you that Romney will nominate 2nd A friendly judges”

    Does anyone have a magic decoder ring that says he won’t? Now, I think we can use the magic decoder ring to be pretty sure that whomever Obama nominates will be anti 2A.

    Look I dislike Romney just as much as the next guy, but I think it’s quite an overreaction to pretend he is worse than Obama. And if conservatives don’t like Romney, a more constructive thing to do would be to stump for a better alternative, rather than rail against the GOP “establishment.”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Much like the NRA is simply a conglomeration of its members, the GOP is as well…and the GOP as a whole thinks that we need either RINOs like Romney or McCain, or Oldschool Country-Club Daddy-State Republicans like Bob Dole, The Bush Family, and Gingrich.

      Also as a Massachusetts resident under both Mitt Romney AND Deval Patrick, I think you need to do a LOT more research on Mr. Romney before you somehow think he’s anything but WORSE than President Obama.

      And your comment is EXACTLY what’s wrong, and the mechanism of action of the GOP Establishment.

      And if Romney gets elected things will get MUCH worse….and the Democrats will be the party that decides that next election because nobody will Primary against Romney.

      With an attitude like that we DESERVE another 4 years of Obama!

      • alcade says:

        Weerd and Thirdpower:

        These conspiracy theory statements regarding the elite choosing the candidates sound like Joan-esque arguments to me (“MY candidate/position would win, if it weren’t for all these special interests/elite”). As for Thirdpower’s example, he is correct in stating that the Democratic elite pressured Cohen to resign after winning the nomination for Lt. Gov. But he is ignoring the fact that Cohen did not have to resign, and the voters could have elected him regardless.

        The example of Obama comes to mind as well. If you will remember, Hillary was the candidate of choice to the Democratic elite, and there was even talk of the “super delagates” casting their vote with her despite the majority choosing Obama.

        The fact that I would give Obama an F- compared to Romney’s F is really irrelevant to the issue, since Romney’s selection as Republican candidate would cause the GOP to loose a sizable chunk of the Tea Party voting bloc that would ensure an Obama victory.

        What is relevant is the fact that the vast majority of the voting public is hopelessly and utterly ignorant of anything beyond the thirty second soundbyte they hear on TV. Obama gave hopeful electrifying speeches (to those who didn’t know any better) and Romney is a smooth and polished career politician that can talk like the best used car salesman.

        So that brings us back to the beginning. Unless you are going to imply that the media and the “elite” are somehow rigging the voting/polling data, Romney enjoys a commanding popularity precisely because he is a smooth career politician and the ignorant electorate is content with what they hear from him on the news. Whether you, or I, or anybody likes it or not is a moot point, because it is the reality which we face.

        You can blame the GOP establishment all you want, but until you convince enough people that the Robamneys of the Republican party should be shown the door you are going to continue to see them enjoying widespread popularity among RINO voters. Will that mean we will deserve another four years of Obama? Yep, just like we’ve deserved the last three with him – because of the stupid electorate who put him there.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          First up as for conspiracies, there are ALWAYS conspiracies, and how sinister they are really depends on your definition of “Sinister”. The end-result of these conspiracies are hardly the all-powerful thing of movies. Its just people playing the game behind the scenes.

          Heck last year our Governor paid off a long-time bureaucrat to resign from the Democrat party and run as a 3rd party. That time it worked, our Governor was re-elected with around 40% of the vote…then he dimed out Cahill to the feds for improper use of funds!

          Still its all a chess and a poker game. Sometimes the plan works like a charm, other times it falls flat.

          As for people knowing if Romney is a RINO, that writing is on the wall. As far as Republican traditions go, you run your campaign over-and-over again until its your turn to be the Nominee. Been that way since Nixon. By that timeline It was John McCain’s turn in 2008, now its Romney’s turn, next cycle its Gingrich.

          But things are running a bit strange. Bachmann had a HUGE surge before she managed to inform people just how lame she is. Then Perry was the front-runner until he started forgetting his own name at debates. Then Cain was in the lead until all these questionable sexual harassment charges started taking the wind out of his sails.

          Now Newt is polling high. So really people GET that Mitt is a disaster, just the problem is the GOP electorate has no earthly idea WHAT they want and that alone isn’t going to overcome the inertia of the GOP machine that has pushed Mitt to the front of the pack in the first place.

          And in the end there are still a huge number of people who think that George W. Bush and John McCain (and Bob Dole) were great candidates….and ironically they totally HATE President Obama, but never pause to look to see how similar they all are.

    • Thirdpower says:

      No ‘conspiracy theory’ here. In IL, the DNC didn’t like the candidate for Lt Gov that was chosen through the primaries so they forced him to drop out in favor of their preferred one.


      The elite and media choose the candidates who actually get to run. Not the people.

  4. Jack says:

    Jeff on Unc said it best http://www.saysuncle.com/2011/11/19/about-that-last-post/#comment-319410
    “It’s gonna be a SIlver Shamrock kind of election.”

  5. Cargosquid says:

    If we can succeed in preventing Romney from getting nominated, who do you want to see up there?

    Cain? Perry? Paul? Somebody else? Would Gingrich be acceptable for a vote?

    None of them are perfect. Supposedly conservative Presidents put bad judges on the courts and signed gun control laws. So….who do you pick?

    At this early stage…Cain, Newt, Perry for me. But I’m more interested in turning the Senate conservative as much as possible. As long as we have that…..any damage by a liberal president can be somewhat contained.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Right now Cain is the only one I’d be willing to cast a vote for…and even that is a crap-shoot at this point. At this point right now I’m half-a-mind to root for Obama so we can play this whole mess as a Mulligan, in hopes that the GOP players will see that maybe another Bush/McCain/Romney/Gingrich type candidate is what got us in this pickle in the first place.

      And really the only reason why I have any affinity for Cain is he seems to be the only one talking about scrapping big-government laws and policies in any way that I half-belive.

      Paul talks the best game about gutting the system and rebuilding it in a more efficient condition where more power goes to the people and the .gov is hobbled so it’ll take decades of inaction to get us back to this mess again.

      But the PROBLEM with Paul is as soon as you ask him HOW he’ll do these sweeping changes he starts barking.

      Its like the guy who tells you about his awesome dream house that he’ll build with the jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom and geothermal heat and natural lighting so the palace will cost as much to maintain as a small split-level ranch in the suburbs….until you realize this guy doesn’t know how to swing a hammer and doesn’t know the difference between a floor joist and a wall stud.

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