Smug and Stupid

Yeah I know she’s an idiot, yeah I probably shouldn’t bother, but this throw-away tag-line from Joan Peterson pissed me off.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe and try going gun free.

“Try going gun free”??? Like its some sort of default or some challenge to be disarmed. Like Joan needs to put some thought into it this Thanksgiving to make sure she doesn’t go to Thanksgiving with the family strapped.

Now on a post where she equates gang crime with lawful carry, and calls an SKS an “AK-47 Knock-off” and an “Assault Weapon” (note not as a throw-away scare-term, but her screed goes on about the merits of the ’94 AWB that never included the SKS….), I’m sure it seemed “Sharp” or “Witty” to a woman who is likely the mental inferior to the bird we’re going to carve into on Thursday.

Yeah I have all these people who read my blog, and there are a jillion other blogs that spend their time talking about the merits of various gun type, the various ammo types, accessories, holsters, holster types, concealment methods.

It seems my blog gets several hits per day looking for information about shoulder carry because its both a slightly unorthodox carry method, and the method I prefer. I also get a lot of questions and mail about my Kahr PM45 “Eleanor” because a subcompact lightweight .45 ACP of these dimensions isn’t a common gun, and people are curious.

Its not easy to start carrying all the time, it takes a pretty solid effort. Also Joan must be well-aware from her constant lies, and twisting of the truth, that our choice to carry isn’t showing off, or even a fashion statement (BTW go check out my shoulder carry article…its a good rig, and I’m a huge fan of my S&W1911Sc with the Rosewood Slim-Grips. Its a nice rig, and I’m VERY happy with it, it was fun sharing Galco Miami Classic love with Nancy and Shorter Half at the convention, but overall it stays hidden.

Nope we carry because we’ve weighed the benefits vs the costs of carrying and have decided its smarter to carry. As much as your organization cooks up poor studies to say otherwise, asking us to “Try going gun-free” is like asking Joan to try driving across her state for the Holiday without a seat belt and the airbags disabled. Its just a stupid idea…and she knows it.

These are the people who support gun control. I get that the cause is dying HARD, but really with stupid and lies like this, I’m insulted they have the credentials they do.

Can they hurry up and meet with oblivion already?

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  1. Jack says:

    As you say with your “blue pill” post.
    They’re built on ignorance (and arrogance).

    It takes a rudimentary search to confirm that the SKS as a design predates the AK47.

    But as we know they don’t care about facts or history.

    This reminds me of the reporters that can’t do a quick google or math check on the stories they’re spoonfeed

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, its SO easy to research facts these days that those who are spouting the anti-rights lies are doing it intentionally. At least in my anti-rights days when I was citing the Arthur Kellerman study (incorrectly as well as “You were more likely to kill a family member than an attacker if you keep a gun in your home”) I not only was unaware of who Arthur Kellerman was, nor had I even read his study. Now just a quick search of the key words of the argument in google you get both the Brady Campaign, and the National Rifle Association rebuttal of it (Brady Camp links the publication, but its copyrighted and needs to be purchased)

      Really when I first got access to the internet in the late 90s and started researching the issue in hopes I could show those knuckle-dragging red-neck gun owners I knew what was good for us all, it didn’t take me long to realize I was on the wrong side of the issue.

      Of course Joan has doubled-down in one of the most repugnant ways, by constantly bringing up her dead sister in increasingly irrelevant ways.

      Any normal human would be EMBARRASSED by constantly advocating to ban “Assault Weapons” and at the same time neither having a clue what an “Assault Weapon” is, nor any arguments to why those definitions are at all relevant.

      Furthermore if you watched the Hennigan video Dennis goes from singing the praise and giving recommendations for federal law, then complains that HR 822 #1. does things it doesn’t do, like let felons or mentally ill carry guns, and #2 doesn’t respect “State’s Rights”.

      These are not what we would consider sane or normal people.

  2. JP says:

    This week I will be giving thanks for being able to eat Turkey while having a .357 Magnum in my pocket, twice!

    Hmm maybe I’ll do one .357 Magnum Turkey dinner and one .45ACP Turkey dinner. Both backed up by .380…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Last year the kids were playing with some toy that came in a hard-to-open package. Being that I was dressed in my holiday pretties I fished my knife out of my pocket (rather than having it clipped onto the fabric). Seeing the flash of steel one of my relatives said “Did you just pull that out of your pocket?”
      I said “Yeah, I wonder why they call them ‘Pocket Knives’?”

      Another relative laughed and said “Don’t ask to see his pocket gun!”

      I still don’t know if they realized I had a .38 in my other pocket. This year it’ll be a baby .45!

      I’ll be thinking of Joan shivering with fear like a lap dog!

  3. I tried going gun free. It almost got me in some hits water.

  4. MattW says:

    Just remember the only people that really read her posts are MAIG members (the ones that are actually alive), gun bloggers who want to keep up on the opposition, and Baldr.

    Stupid baseless claims and ignorant comments are one of the many reasons I never read the opposition anymore.

    Keeps my blood pressure down.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, you’re right. I don’t even think MikeB reads her anymore. He has is hands full watching his own blog collapse around his ears as he gets banned from more and more DEMOCRAT websites! 🙂

  5. She’s just paraphrasing PETA and their “Try to go cruelty free” crap. I’ll go gun free the day she carries a pistol for a week.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Only issue is you don’t want mentally deficient people with no moral compass carrying guns.

      If she can publicly use her sister’s death to push for laws that have zero relevance to her sister in front of God and her family, while never once admitting that she KNEW Russel Lund was a violent and dangerous scumbag and she held her tongue when she should have spoken, then what do you think she’s capable of with a pistol?

  6. Wally says:

    Hell with that. I’m proud of my guns. I will be bringing a silenced machine gun to Thanksgiving dinner.

  7. Old NFO says:

    Well said Weerd 🙂

  8. Braden Lynch says:

    I think her comment is also meant as a smear. She seems to imply that if you are a CCW permit holder and you go to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, then you will just snap and kill the whole family if the gravy is lumpy or the turkey is dry.

    She must believe that if you have a gun you will use it for evil, if not today, then tomorrow.

    Her view of guns is worse than a zero sum game. They are never beneficial and are just waiting to leap from their holsters on their own and kill everybody in the room.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You’ll notice that the acolytes of the anti-rights cult NEVER want to discuss lawful self defense. #1. They refuse to defend themselves, or like Baldr think that some strip-mall Kung-Fu will help a middle-age overweight man protect his family from a younger, stronger, and probably armed attacker. #2. Are probably quite aware that the number of armed self defense cases every year is MASSIVE and even at its most conservative number its three-fold of their already inflated 30,000 “Gun Death” number they constantly haul around.

      Its an inconvenient truth that they avoid at all cost.

      Also I don’t mind a lump or two in my gravy.

      • Braden Lynch says:

        My bad, I thought lumpy gravy was a “justifiable homicide” offense. It was my grand jury defense scheme I was going to use.

        You are right about their avoidance of the benefits of firearms. They completely deny their positive aspects, leaving them with just the yucky stuff. That’s where they live. In fear and loathing of an object. Pathetic.

        It’s the same stupid viewpoint that we should abolish nuclear weapons by international agreement. Fatally naive. Of course someone will keep one and rule the world. Likewise, this same mindset of people say we should not have nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while never realizing that these attacks ended WWII without an invasion and thus saved millions of Japanese lives. The nuclear tripwire also kept the Soviet Union out of western Europe until their collapse, sparing us WWIII. I sleep better at night knowing that we have this capability, even if it does not deter all of our enemies. Firearms are a microcosm of this, in that they may help protect us individually and on balance are vastly more for the good.

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