Quote of the Day: Paper Tiger

Haven’t picked on our favorite Brady Board Member, Joan Peterson, mostly because she’s reached the end of rhetoric crib sheet and has begun to repeat herself which can bore a body to tears, so I’ve only been skimming her as of late. Well I found this amusing post where she’s doing the old Anti play to gin up the NRA as a paper tiger. **YAWN** BOR-ING…see what I mean? If you don’t well you can play along with Sebastian by reading his rebuttal post.

Me? I’m more amused by this quote from the flower-child herself:

Yes, Migo- that is why I am on the e-mail lists as well. I get all kinds of action alerts to contact my reps and Senators from several different organizations. That is a very effective way of getting supporters to let Congress know how they feel. Those polls also include gun owners who support what my side is doing. There are lots of those out there. That is revealed in the polls and in anecdotal information.

Hmm, they don’t have a concrete member’s roster, and they have email trees and biased polls…hmmm. You know what that sounds like?


Yep, Projection and Anti-Rights advocates, I’d say a 100% correlation, just like comment moderation!

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  1. Tom says:

    Didn’t they try to sell their member list to spammers? In order to determine a fair value they had to release their real membership numbers and it was like 25 thousand “members” (which includes us monitors as well), instead of the million+ they claim. Or was it that they backed out of the sale for just that reason?

    • Blackhawk101 says:

      Yes- as soon as we on the pro-gun side found out we plastered that everywhere and they took down their for sale sign very quickly. Irrc, they released a small blurb that someone was “pranking” Brady and that they never put their membership up for sale. The implication was the pro-gun side was desperate to disparage their membership numbers. The company brokering the sale called bullshit and said the Brady board contacted them on the QT because they desperately needed money.

      MSM never reported on it *shock* and that little brouhaha died away.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yes, but with one correction, it would be more appropriate to put quotes around “members”, as a member could be anybody as simple as somebody signing up for an email newsletter (where it asks for name and address as well as email…I know several pro-gun people who entered bogus names and addresses just to get inside intel) or somebody who did as little as stroke a $1 donation check.

      Essentially if you give a name and address to the Brady camp you are essentially a “life-member”, as they save (and sell) your information.

      The number of active members is an unknown, and vastly smaller than any numbers they can quote, as there is no way an individual can STOP being a “member”. Let your NRA dues lapse, you are no longer a member. Give back your life membership, you stop being a member.

      Also one must wonder how involved people like Joan Peterson are in the org. They were essentially “hired” for a volunteer position, and hold virtually no duties, no idea if they even have given any money to the org. So essentially participate in a press conference and you are a “member” for life

  2. Blackhawk101 says:

    Is this the same Brady Campaign that refuses to release official membership numbers but claims tens of millions?

    Is this the same Brady Campaign caught last year trying to pimp its membership list for desperately needed cash and only then did we find out they had <50,000 members- with <23,000 giving any contributions and the ones that did it averaged out to <$10 per person?

    Is this the same Brady Campaign that had something like less then one million or so dollars in hand but expenses well in excess of that?

    The same Brady Campaign that has seen their formerly high value members flee and stop giving donations to them because the rich tend to cut their losses when they smell a loser?

    The same Brady Campaign that rules their Facebook and other social media sites with an iron hand- refusing anyone to post comments until they have proven they are completely anti-gun because no dissenting opinion is allowed there (and we all known they would be hammered by the pro-gun crowd with real live facts)? The same BC that has been caught making shill social media accounts that then portray themselves as "gun owners" who support "common sense legislation"?

  3. mike w. says:

    Once upon a time I was on the Brady Campaign e-mail list, as were a few other gunbloggers.

    Does that mean we’re considered their “supporters?”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Possibly not sure how they count it, I was on the list for a few years under the name “Bill” 🙂 I was removed from the list when they started requiring a full name and home address. I didn’t feel like making one up, but I know people who did. I’m sure those “Joe Anybody of 123 Main St. Anytown USA” are counted as supporters, unless the Post Offices returned mailers to the Brady camp, and they wised up an nixed the bogus name.

      Who knows, we do know they have to play fast-and-lose with what they count as “Members” otherwise they’d have close to nobody. Who knows even if they had membership dues like the NRA if starry-eyed hippies like Joan would even bother to up their dues.

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