Quote of the Day: We Want to Talk!

This just goes to show the anti-rights people are not only stalker Trolls,but totally out of their minds.

@SebastianSH No, we think your constant attacks on gun violence prevention advocates and the ugly comments you allow on your blog = harass.

This is a tweet from Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in response to Sebastian questioning the underhanded nature of them “outing” him.

First up let’s point out the ONLY reason why they’re doing this is to intimidate. People in the past who have done this have made threatening phone calls, both to the blogger in question, their family, and to employers. Made fraudulent police reports, and made threats to attack one’s family. Also there’s the very real threat of creating a shopping list for people who steal guns. You see pro-rights people actually want LESS gun death, by these trolls actions they are asking for MORE.

Now to go into the issue at hand, I read Sebastian’s blog every day, and I’ve met him in person a few times. I don’t know him extremely well, personally, but if I had one complaint to make about him was that he is a little TOO tolerant of the ignorant and bigoted actions of the other side.

I think he is too tolerant of trolls as well as the leadership’s action in the opposition. Now that’s a very minor quip, and it shouldn’t be taken as anything but. Frankly its more of a reaction that I get from the world at large, as you all should know I speak my mind, and don’t parse words, and anybody who’s met me in person, knows that the words on this page, and the various podcast recordings, aren’t any different than if you were sitting across the table from me.

That being said Sebastian is a MASSIVE asset to the 2nd Amendment, and to the NRA, and I’m glad he’s on our side.

So with all that, how the hell can Sebastian’s statements of facts and reason be even remotely construed as “Harassment”? Furthermore the above tweet and actions from the network of gun control Trolls (note you will not, now, or ever, see an anti-rights figure claim this behavior is ANYTHING but above board, and you’ll note if you brows the various channels that most of the people from Joyce and Brady are PLEASED with these tactics) shows exactly how ironic their latest chant of “We want to talk” or “We want to discuss the issues” that they have recently been spouting.

Again they have no desire to discuss ANYTHING with anybody. What they want is to be obeyed. If they are NOT obeyed they will make threats and advancements against the individual until we yield, or their organization is no more.

I wish no personal ill will against the people on the payroll or volunteer roster of the various outlets of the Brady Campaign or the Joyce Foundation. I have no respect for them as people, but I hope they all live long and happy lives. I do hope that their organizations go bankrupt, their laws fail, the politicians they endorse are defeated, and their ideology as a whole becomes as popular as the Jim Crow south from which it first sprang from.

I don’t know about Sebastian, but I, and many others will continue to work hard to achieve these goals.

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Oh, and forgot to mention that while our rational posts, comments and questions are considered harassment; some bloggers — like me– have been subjected to threats of physical violence!!

    I have refrained from bring up the incident because the person has thus far kept his nose clean but I haven’t forgotten that some of the antis have no problems with non-firearm violence.

  2. alan says:

    The only violence they’re against involves guns. Harassment, beatings, knives, bricks, bats: All OK.

    Only guns are bad.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    They are Cult members, pure and simple. The Evil in THEIR world would go away if all guns were destroyed. They are just like the two Napoleons in a Mental Hospital discussing how they would have fought Waterloo differently, all the while refusing to accept the fact that they were put in the Institution because they were delusional. Yet if you listened to an audio of that Conversation, you would think you were listening to a couple of War Gamers. But that’s the problem with them trying to control the “Dialogue”.

    Anti-Gunners refuse to look at how the World IS. They refuse to deal with the fact that there are Humans out there who will Kill you, Rape and Murder your Wife and Daughters, all for the pure pleasure it gives them. As far as I am concerned, those who wish to disarm me are Aiding and Abetting those who are Evil and would Harm me and mine, if they could get away with it. The Antis are the ones who need to “Outed”. The Antis WON’T change, and I am tired of giving in to them.

    If No means No regarding Sex, then No means No regarding Guns.

    There is No “Dialogue” with Evil.

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