Trolls All the Way Up Pt II

Seems that Thirdpower is facing some cyber-stalking by paid Anti-Rights Activists, As I said before supporters of Gun Control, as well as any “Progressive” activism are ALL Trolls who will personally attack their opponents because they cannot support their cause with facts or debate.

I went a little further and found there is a lot of personal information of private citizens being published by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

They want to attack your family, they want to attack your employer, they want to attack you. Anything to silence the truth, because all they have are lies.

As I said before, all Anti-Gun Activists, and any self-identified “Progressives” are Jadegold, just some conceal it better than others.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    You know, Brother Beard, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Remember last summer when busloads of Lefties descended on that Bankers House outside DC and nearly gave the sole occupant (the teenage son who was home alone) a heart attack? And don’t you think it’s a little strange that when the Wisconsin Republicans found a loophole in their state law, and were able to pass the de-powering of the Unions, that within 12 hours of the word getting out, a 100,000 people were able to get to the state Capitol and tried to shut down the Legislative process through Anarchy? Yet how many leaders of these events were ever charge or brought to trial for their Unlawful Activities?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there IS a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy out there. They are funded and supported by people like George Soros, and their whole purpose is to advance their “Progressive” Agenda by “Any Means Possible.” The Internet is just one aspect of their need to control the “Message”. We know that they have Technical Support with Silicon Valley ( funny how a Google VP was sent to Egypt to help bring down Mubarek through Social Media, isn’t it?), and they are probably receiving help from “High Ranking Politicians”.

    The Anti-Gun attacks that “OUT” people are a way of letting their not-to-stable members know who they are supposed to intimidate, and are an effort to silence the opposition voices. But the Antis are just one “piece of the puzzle”. I’m sure that the Anti- Environmental Blogs are getting the same treatment, along with the Survival/Preppers, the Conservative Political Blogs, etc. Those of us who support the RKBA and Blog and Comment on it MUST be considered (in THEIR mindset) as “Counter-Revolutionary Elements” that need to be silenced. We are a THREAT to THEM, and they will try to stop us.

    How much personal Privacy one chose’s to keep off the Net is, of course, up to each of us. But don’t assume that the Trolls will respect any of it. If you support the RKBA, Blog about it, Comment about, etc., be prepared to be attacked about it. Just look at the Vitriol that they still pile on Sarah Palin, Bush, Cheney, etc. These aren’t the Stereotypical 30- Something Geeks living in their Mom’s Basement any more. Bet you some of them are earning a living to just Troll in some office parks scattered around the Country. But there is Good News. They must be feeling the Heat, and are realizing that they are losing the Propaganda Battle. But the Bad News is that, like all Bullies throughout time, when they can’t get you to shut up and “Kneel before Zod,” they will use Stronger Methods to keep you under their thumb. Be prepared for worse to come down the Pike.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Very interesting point, Les. Not so sure if its that complicated. Frankly I think all of the Authoritarian tenants have been well documented to simply create strife, and death of innocent people. Those who strive for those Authoritarian Governments know this at some level. Certainly they know that statistics, history, and facts do not support their cause, but as true believers they must trudge on.

      This makes them like a cornered animal. If you spend much time around skunks (they’re about as common as anything else here in New England) you’ll quickly notice that skunks are against spraying or conflict. They’ll come right up to a quiet person who isn’t making any noise and sniff your hand. But as soon as you move, or make a noise they bolt. They won’t bite, or spray (a healthy one at least….don’t try this at home unless you can tell the difference between a healthy skunk, and one with rabies) but corner one and they will spray, bite, and scratch until they are free or dead.

      This cornered reaction is VERY alien to what most people will see of a skunk with their own eyes (they get a bad rap because most people encounter them when a dog attacks them, or they’re hit by a car) but a cornered animal is not going to behave normally.

      We don’t resort to such underhanded tactics because there is no need! We’re winning, and we’re winning because logic, reason, facts, and history support us.

      There is nothing they can do to stop that, so they attempt to harm us personally.

      That’s how I see it.

  2. Linoge says:

    Unfortunately for them, I have done nothing to be ashamed of, and, as such, their intimidation is completely meaingless to me – I will continue to stand up for my rights, and the rights of my fellow Americans, and be proud while I do so.

    This situation only serves to illustrate how deeply the anti-rights cultists’ projection really infects their lives – they are horrified at the thought of having to take responsibilty for their actions, and thus assume we are likewise afflicted. Sorry, Laddie, but trying to bind my carbon name to my online name is really not going to bother me in the slightest. Knock yourself out.

    On the other hand, providing locational data for the people they are “outing” is nothing more than, as Bubblehead said, a blatant attempt at encouraging their less-mentally-stable members to … “visit” these people they are naming, and expresso them their displeasure for holding an opinion that Ladd does not like. These are straight-up mobland intimidation tactics, and should be regarded as such.

    And let me tell you, given how these hoplophobic stalkers harp on about “collective responsibility”, if anything actionable were to happen to any individuals “outed” by Ladd, I will strongly recommend naming him as an accessory before the fact.

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