They Know

I Know how my readers love their Swamp Donkeys!

Cabela’s security cameras snapped pictures of the moose on Thursday, a cow estimated to weigh 500 pounds. It ran through the parking lot and disappeared into a wooded area between shopping plazas. A number of sportsmen, guides and outfitters saw the moose at Cabela’s which has prompted quite a bit of attention for the store and its Moose Lottery.

Cow Moose wandered right through the Cabela’s parking lot on the day before the Maine Moose Lottery. This is the next town South from where I grew up, and I’ve also seen Moose hanging out in Farmer’s fields in Cape Elisabeth.

“They’re not going to get that one,” said NEWS CENTER outdoor reporter Bill Green who is a Registered Maine Guide. “She’s too smart. She can take advantage of the beaches and the shopping and there’s no moose hunting for a hundred miles.”

They seem to know, don’t they? Follow the link for pictures of the Moose, or check this video for more:

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    True Story Time: Most of the last 2 years I had in the Navy was spent aboard the U.S.S. Grant, undergoing overhaul down in Kittery at the Portsmouth Shipyard across the river from Portsmouth, N.H. One Sunday a Moose decided to stroll onto the Base. You should have seen Security and the Marine Detachment trying to herd the Damn thing around. Having heard how Moose can be Very Dangerous, I was able to convince the Duty Officer on the Grant to open the Arms Locker, and a couple of us who knew how to shoot grabbed some M-14s and climbed up into the Sail. When the Marines saw us, one of the Sargents asked what are we doing? I yelled down, “When you guys shoot him with your pistols, and he gets Pissed and comes up to Stomp you, we might be able to stop him before he does too much damage to you.”

    They backed off and let the Moose leave on its own terms.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Moose are overall very passive and have NO fear of man. The do get really dangerous when you startle them, or they think you might horn in on their sexual action.

      Also A Moose standing in the middle of the highway late at night almost made a paradox of me when my Dad hit him with his VW Beetle.

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