“They’ll Just Take It Away”

Bubblehead Les sends me this story of a home invasion.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Four men forced their way into a West Side home Thursday night where they beat and threatened a young couple before stealing $250…The intruder pulled a gun and demanded to hear from Reyes where money was.

Reyes managed to wrest the gun out of the man’s hand, but the intruder soon got it back and pointed the gun at Reyes’ chest and pulled the trigger. The gun jammed. The robbers then beat Reyes into unconsciousness and stole $250 from his wallet.

Good on Mr. Reyes for fighting back, it likely saved his life. But the gun you should have is YOUR gun not the gun the intruders brought with them.

Also when people say “The money in your wallet isn’t worth your life” they rarely think about the thugs who are more than willing to kill you for your money.

Kill them over your life, and to show them that violent crime is NOT tolerated in American society, but self defense is!

Be Safe out there, and carry your damn guns!

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