Today’s Discussion: Koch Brothers

As many of you know, I’m drawn to the “Progressive” blogs like a Moth to flame. I like to see what my opponents are talking about, and run down the validity of it. It helps my position and my convictions to be stronger, as well as it keeps me prepared for when some dull drone starts spouting twisted talking points, I can figure out what they’re trying to say, point out the truth, and watch them evaporate.

One thing I keep seeing OVER AND OVER again that just gets me scratching my head is the Left’s demonetization of the Koch Brothers. Really all I can see is some wealthy Libertarian/Fiscal Conservative-leaning entrepreneurs who use their money to form PACs and help out candidates that fit their world view.

Well of course the left hates PACs and Lobbies…unless its THEIR PACs and Lobbies, you don’t see them speaking out against the politicization of labor unions, or the self-serving nature of Public Sector Unions.

Really all I can smell is Leftists wanting the Right to have their own George Soros. (BTW check out this ironic juxtaposition of protestors speaking out against the Koch Brothers)

Soros of course is a major political player for the “Progressives”, his big claim to fame is, which is a huge “Progressive” astro-turf group, and also one of the big supporters of the Occupy Wall street protests, as well as the sibling protests.

Soros also, much like the Koch Brothers donates a LOT of money to PACs and Candidates.

Of course Soros’ origins would be comical if they weren’t true. A non-practicing Jew who collaborated with the Nazis to make himself wealthy off the blood of his people, turned Currency speculator who made fortunes off of DE-valuing the very money in people’s pockets.

I don’t use it lightly, but Soros is an evil man, and the “Progressives” know it. I suspect the Koch Brothers are just an attempt to project their own sins on those they hate…but what exactly have the Koch Brothers done that’s so bad?

Who knows anything about this issue? I find it VERY strange that I know so much about Soros, and people like Jack Abramoff, but really the only think I hear about them is from the “Progressive” blogs having their Emmanuel Goldstein moments.

What y’all got?

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  1. Suz says:

    Good question! I look forward to answers, and I’ll try to come up with a few myself. Something beyond, “It’s a safe bet that anyone with shitloads of money, who’s trying to influence politicians, is probably not a fan of competition and level playing fields.”

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    “Soros is an evil man”. Read the novel Full Black. He is given a different name but you will recognize him.

    It’s a very good book if you like guns and action.

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