Schrödinger’s “Progressive”

I was noticing over at another blog the token troll over there will drop some comment in disagreeing with a liberty-minded stance. As soon as the comment airs a few other people will give a thoughtful rebuttal on where the Troll’s points fail.



This is why I banned MikeB302000 from here. It wasn’t that he was an idiot troll, I’m fine with all of that, it was he was wasting everybody’s time pretending to debate an issue. This is the “debating” tactic of “Progressives” hit, and run. They don’t have facts, or reality, or even history on their side…but man can they say some quick poorly-thought-out talking points, and then vanish.

Got me thinking about Schrödinger’s cat. I’m hardly an expert in the field, but its my general understanding that the Cat while in the experiment simultaneously exists in a state of life and death. This is much like the “Progressives”, they feel the need to engage others who disagree with them, but they will never admit they are wrong no matter how wise a move that might be.

If they never return to a thread to further support their cause or admit defeat did they really lose the debate? Makes you think.

Makes YOU think, because you’re not “Progressive”, they HATE to do that!

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23 Responses to Schrödinger’s “Progressive”

  1. North says:

    I either agree with your post or not. I won’t be back later to let you know.

  2. wfgodbold says:

    Schrodinger created this paradox as a justification for killing cats.

    -Portal 2’s Corrupted Fact Sphere

  3. Linoge says:

    It speaks volumes (of not-good things) when I told Bonomo that he need only refrain from “personal attacks, libel, accusatory/insulting innuendo, and/or baseless accusations”, and the number of times he has tried to comment since then could be counted on one hand.

    The man is not here for discussion. He is not here for anything relating to firearms. He is here for the straight-up attention, and folks just insist on giving it to him… Oh well.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Bob S. got him to disappear simply by refusing to link his blog. I don’t think for a second he even cares about gun control, its just the only piece of shit he could throw that stuck to the wall.

  4. BobG says:

    I tend to ignore that idiot most of the time, since he is more of a drive-by commenter. He reminds me of the type of pre-adolescent who goes into a room, farts, and then leaves the room while giggling.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s exactly what they all do. FYI the troll I was really talking about was Ubu52 at Joe’s

      • Linoge says:

        Ahh, UBU… now there is a waste of humanity.

        “People in cities should have their rights forcibly abridged!”

        “Rather than taking steps to prevent rape, women should instead focus exclusively on recovering from rape!”

        *sigh* I could go on and on, but that woman actually makes anti-rights nuts look bad, and that damned near takes effort.

  5. Borepatch says:

    Heh. Schroedinger, of course, was simply scientifically describing zombie cats.

    Mike B is in the category I reserve for “Sit down in the back of the room and shut up. Grownups are talking.”

    • Wraith says:

      Mike’s visited my blog, too. Problem is, every time I ask him to debate me, he disappears.

      Was he ever really there? 😕

    • Windy Wilson says:

      Never returning to a thread to avoid having to answer a response to your comment point by point, both express and implied. Is that like avoiding Canada because you have a drunk driving charge outstanding there?
      No sense in going back when you know the result won’t be good for you.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        GREAT analogy! If only they truly stayed away, but the trolls discussed in this thread as well as the instigators in social media vanish only long enough for the attention span version of the Statute of limitations, and will gas-light the hell out of you if you claim they ducked a question!

  6. julie says:

    sniffle sniffle, i’m not important enough to attract trolls ….

  7. Firehand says:

    I have a shirt with a wanted poster on the front:
    Wanted, Dead and Alive
    Schrödinger’s cat

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