Why Did Paul Helmke Leave?

I’ve been thinking about Paul Helmke’s departure from the Brady Campaign.

Sebastian has an amusing post up where the Brady’s latch on to a bit of lunacy by Bill Maher. The lunacy can be viewed here:

Note the blatantly homophobic joke that gays prefer assembly line anonymous sex in public restrooms. While I’ve unfortunately encountered “Gay Cruising” in a public park…let’s just say I know quite a few black guys who smoke Menthol cigarets, and enjoy fried chicken and collard greens…

So what does this have to do with Helmke? Well I wonder if Helmke’s Republican Affiliation had anything to do with it. Now granted Helmke was a RINO, likely to the left of gun-grabbers, and tax lovers, like Mitt Romney. Still look at who has replaced him, and who exists in the gun control leadership positions. It seems they are all Ultra-Left “Progressives”.

I also wonder what this means. Could simply mean that the Brady Board held their nose with Helmke because they thought they could use his Republican affiliation to both convince pro-gun Republicans to support more gun control, or to make them appear “Bi-Partisan”.

Still something tells me that since #1. The Brady’s can’t pass a bill unless they get NRA support it too, and #2. Since not only do most people not CARE that Helmke has an “R” after his name, most people aren’t even aware of it, and assume he’s just another Pinko “Progressive”. That they decided it wasn’t helping them having a Republican around.

Now was this just for convenience, or was it tactical? Are they going to attempt to push harder in the most-liberal, most anti-gun districts of America? Could be. Still the egregious actions of places like Washington DC, Chicago, Massachusetts, and California have been the battlegrounds for defining the boundaries of the 2nd Amendment, and only making our job easier.

Just something to watch out for in the future. Also if anybody can think of a Brady or Joyce affiliated politicians (such as Mayors against Illegal Guns) who are republicans, let’s compile a list.

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