Wonder What They Were Planning…

Looks like the Kill The Jews movement had an ace in their sleeve.

A number of weapons were discovered in New York’s Zuccotti Park after Occupy Wall Street protesters were evicted by the Police Department last week, law enforcement sources tell FoxNews.com…Gardeners employed by the park owners, Brookfield Properties, to clean up the mess made by occupiers during their two-month stay discovered knives and other potential instruments of violence in flower beds throughout the public space, according to officials.

Could just be trumped up fear tactics, or it could be the Anti-Semite Protesters were gearing up to have more than just rocks when the Occupy Wall Street group next Rioted.

Peaceful Protest!

h/t Bubblehead Less

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  1. Kristopher says:

    Old prison and gang trick … hide a shank or a pistol nearby, so you don’t get gigged for possession if you are shaken down.

    I’m pretty sure the less savory criminals in the OWS were using them as needed on the hippies. An armed criminal ain’t taking on the cops … weapons are just a compliance tool when robbing or abusing suckers.

  2. Teke says:

    We’ve actually had shootings out ours.

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