Yeah Kinda Like This

Michelle Bachman on an Iowa radio station talking about her Conceal Carry permit, and AR-15

The host is an idiot, and Michelle didn’t seem to be much better, and I wonder if she even owns an AR-15 given that she dodged all the questions asked even the low ball of “They can be made automatic” crap.

Much better than waving around a duck-gun, but like Rick, Michelle hates you if you’re gay, and thinks she knows better for how you run your body.

Still that’s how it should be done. There isn’t much action on banning hunting or O/U Shotguns, but AR-15s, 30 round magazines, and conceal carry are hotbed issue that really need to be addressed.

I would say “Sadly this is only being addressed by the idiots” but this field is ALL Idiots so there’s nobody good to follow the lead.

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  1. George says:

    Well…admittedly, she could have done better and jumped on that crap.

    Still, we have a mainstream presidential candidate talking about her CCW permit and her AR. That’s a far cry from “Can I get me a hunting license here?” There is the obligatory hunting reference, but she goes on to talk about her concealed carry permit?
    If concealed carry and hunting are now considered equal, I’ll take it.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Now if she’d only had mentioned FN-FAL’s…… ; )

  3. maddmedic says:

    With all the hate she generates from stating and standing on her beliefs my guess is she should own an armory…
    She gets my vote over romneygingrichpaul a$$os thats for damn sure…

    And being she is from Minnesota…and conservative….

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