You Wouldn’t Understand…

Man, it is really interesting looking into the twisted and deformed mind of an anti-freedom pro-ignorance pusher. Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March Serves up another steaming pile.

Seems Joan wants to know why the NRA isn’t also demanding money while people mourn the loss of life. She’s wondering why the NRA isn’t pushing its agenda while people are upset by tragedy. She’s wondering why they aren’t bothering to refute her Brady Campaign and Joyce Foundation boilerplate.

See, Joan, some people actually have this thing called “Class” and “Dignity”. These are the kind of people who won’t use the blood of a family member to push unrelated legislation, or use the blood of innocent people to push blatant lies. These people won’t launch fundraisers hours after news strikes. These people are concerned with all violence and murder…not just “Gun Death” These are healthy normal human beings.

These are people not like you. Thankfully your affliction is a rare one…hence why your organizations are foundering…

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  2. Linoge says:

    Perhaps the NRA has greater respect for suffering and a stronger sense of propriety than the blood-sucking bastards running the Brady Campaign?

    Nah. That would be too… honest.

    The good news is that, as you say, those blood dancers are rapidly driving themselves into the ground of their own free will, and the better for it.

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