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The Plot Thickens

Starting to look like roofing tar now, this plot is so thick! Yeah it appears that Smoke and Thunder has been either deleted or hacked. No Idea what happened, but its interesting, isn’t it? Smoking Blunder is still around for … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Wrong Glass

You didn’t read that title wrong: The nightclub stabbing that killed a young Naperville teacher was reportedly touched off by a squabble authorities called so trivial – drinking beer from a wine glass – they could offer no reasonable explanation … Continue reading

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Bad Influence

Just got back from the AD Dinner Had a great time. Still I think Kristen is a bad influence. Wally kept signing “I Want to Fuck!” Constantly! Boy ain’t quite right! 8) Hoooray!!!!!

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New Kid in Town!

Hey, do you like guns? Are you social? Do you Network? Do you dislike trolls? Are you going to finish those fries? Why are you not stomping Private Pyle’s Guts out? Do you think I ask too many questions? Well … Continue reading

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Big Fat Liar!

So Mike over at ENDO has Unveiled a new T-Shirt, and I like this one the best! Review for this one should be the same as the first one, I also have this one. Again I love the cryptic nature … Continue reading

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A Growing Trend

A quick question, is anybody aware of a state that has a SHRINKING gun-owning population? COLUMBUS, Ohio – The number of Ohioans who have licenses to legally carry concealed firearms has more than doubled in the past three years, according … Continue reading

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When Something Stinks

30,000 people die every year from “Gun Violence” Its a nice round number, also it doesn’t expire it seems for as long as I’ve been looking at the numbers. Of course don’t look at the numbers that ARE changing, concealed … Continue reading

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Morning Dubstep Apriciation

From Zomboy! If the name wasn’t enough, the song will get you hoppin’!

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Heart Video

Mike at ENDO has a neat video up The Methodology is VERY sound, as ballistics gel is designed to simulate human tissue consistency (Its less dense than bone, more dense than fluid and adipose…it averages out, more on that later) … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Boss

Can’t Compare Cars to guns, because “Progressives” drive cars! A 21-year-old Pinellas County woman is facing a variety of charges including murder after she allegedly killed her boss, ran him over with his own vehicle which she then torched Saturday … Continue reading

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