Big Fat Liar!

So Mike over at ENDO has Unveiled a new T-Shirt, and I like this one the best!

Review for this one should be the same as the first one, I also have this one.

Again I love the cryptic nature of these shirts. We all know what an AR-15 stripped receiver looks like, right? Well that’s because we’re gun nuts, the type of people who might get intimidated, or freaked out by such shirts will have no idea!

Oh BTW the Roman Numerals? 1963, the year Colt first released the Semi-auto AR-15 onto the civilian market. Too Cool!

Oh and Liar? Yeah well when you have friends like Wally, I honestly don’t feel too much desire to slam together the parts of my own when I know a dude who can mill one up in his shop from a hunk of Aluminum!

Still I really dig the look of this one, nice color, and of course a really good cut and super soft, but durable materiel. Well worth the price!

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  1. Chad says:

    I’ve got one of the selector switch ones, and I love it.

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  3. RobertM says:

    I picked up one of those myself, got it last Thursday. I need to get some pictures up.

  4. Wally says:

    I guess I need one too 🙂

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