17th Century Assault Rifle

Linoge has a great post on Michael Moore doing what he does best, passing bullshit as fact.

He goes back to the VERY tired argument that somehow the founding Fathers were so stupid that they would just assume that technology would be frozen in time after the drafting of the bill of rights (oh but Motion pictures with a sound track should be protected by the first Amendment, as well as information carried across the very airwaves might be subject to 4th Amendment protection….)

First they seem to think that the flintlock muzzle loaders of the time were essentially worthless, and only able to fire once and taking AGES to load, but second that somehow a rifle that could fire dozens of shots with both deadly accuracy and power was simply unheard of at the time.

Mike should use that old Life Membership card he keeps in his wallet to take a tour of the NRA museum.

Hmmm funny how that works. Of course Mike doesn’t NEED to use facts as he only discusses his talking points with other like-minded “Progressives” who are more than willing to kiss his bloated ass.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the Girandoni rifle. It’s an example of what individual craftsmanship can do, and a reminder of how clever human beings have been in every age.

    Of course, as you point out, the First Amendment must be brought into the modern world, but the Second only applies to the technology of the time. Why remains a mystery that we’d understand if only we would believe them.

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