A Field of Straw Men

Gotta love it when a bunch of feeble minded “Progressives” speak smugly to the camera, and pretend they just won an argument. Via ENDO

Most of the “Facts” presented are just dumb, like saying you’re a bad hunter if you use a semi-auto. Hmmm How come every duck-hunting fanatic I know owns a Browning auto-5? Or the guy saying we should ban dangerous weapons so he won’t kill people when they make him upset. (classy!)

Still ask the founding fathers what they would think of a high-capacity self-loading man-portable rifle? They’d say “Cool! That air gun could stand to have a little more pop for military and hunting use!” (It should be a variation of Markley’s Law, the more a person talks about history as a justification to gun restriction the less they actually know about history. See the statements about how the founding fathers had no idea about repeating arms, or that it took hours to days to reload a musket, or that somehow today we have the most dangerous weapons available to the public…when just 60 some years ago you could go into a hardware store and walk out with a machine gun and a case of dynamite if you had the money and a little red wagon to haul them out with!)

Still I love the guy who says “Give me Three reasons why a civilian would need a semi-automatic weapon?”….then smugly drops it down to two, because obviously we’re all gobsmacked. Jeeze I carry a 1911 and/or a PM45 Semi-automatic handgun damn near every day…but I never thought of why! OK you win!

Hell just for a semi-auto rifle with a massive magazine I’d say 1) Hurricane Katrina, 2) Hurricane Andrew, 3) LA Riots….and for bonus 4) the latest trend of “Flash Mobs” congregating en-mass to places to do violent criminal acts. With your premise of just a semi-auto, the list is so long, I’d need to write another post…that you won’t read, because you obviously aren’t concerned with looking like an idiot, so why would you be interested in remedying that?

Anti-gunners have been saying constantly “We need a debate over gun control”….yet they just want to speak without having to defend their own thin points!

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Give me Three reasons why a civilian would need a semi-automatic weapon?”

    1. Because I want to be ready for the Alien Invasion — he’s right there will never been a Zombie Apocalypse.

    2. Because times of peace are historically very short and enemies don’t come at people alone.

    3. Because I shouldn’t have to be less armed then the police.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Don’t forget Giant Robots!!!

      BTW #2 is VERY true, its actually rather amazing its been THIS long since we’ve had a foreign land invasion (we know from Japanese Intelligence reports from WWII that our civilian arms was one consideration why the Japanese imperial army never even attempted to run landing craft up the beach in La Jolla). I remember watching Red Dawn as a kid, and I was surprised that it was 100% work of fiction. It just seemed to make sense that in a world where lots of people wanted to kill us they they’d give airdropping troops and sending in landing craft a try. Of course that was before I knew that Red Dawn took some liberties for the sake of the COMMUNISTS. Even in the 80s we had Militia groups with machine guns, body armor, and if not an *illegal* stockpile of explosives, the knowhow to cook up some grenades and satchel charges in very short time.

      Still #3 is a hot-button issue I have. Our police have machine guns and tanks! Sorry, you aren’t the National Guard or the Army. You’re CIVILIANS who we’ve hired to help keep the peace. You get guns, but ONLY the guns I get to have. You also can CARRY guns…but only where I get to carry. The only difference between cops and civilians is I carry my gun for FREE!

  2. Thirdpower says:

    Wow. None of those mostly metrosexuals would scream like little girls if ever confronted by anything more than a loud noise.

    They epitomize the ‘We’re not the NRA’ mindset they need to keep feeling their superiority complex. http://daysofourtrailers.blogspot.com/2010/02/not-just-bigots-but-ignorant-bigots.html

  3. Roadkill says:

    Weerd… This video is giving me a vile migrane. I think it is all the smug. I hate being smugged at. It makes me want a blackjack or slapjack… Cause I can think of no better reason for one as using them for smugwipes.

    3 reasons? Because we can. Defense. Sporting use.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    Ahem! Excuse Me! What’s all this Big Magazine Nonsense about?

    After all, who needs a Big Magazine that’ll Jam on you when one has BELT-Fed Semi-Autos?

    Now where did I put that picture of Brother Beard at last years N.E. Blogshoot getting some trigger time on a 191 Browning Semi-Auto Rifle? Might have left it over at…

    Oh, FWIW, I like Unc’s Answer to “Why Anyone Would need…”

    “Because Fuck You, that’s why.”

  5. Because the Constitution says so.

    The only response fat boy needs.

    • DJMoore says:

      “Because the Constitution says so.”

      Your heart is in the right place, but I must respectfully disagree.

      Our right to arm ourselves, like our right to free speech, free conscience, free press, etc, exists because we are human.

      The Constitution only delineates the boundaries of the government’s legitimate powers.

      And by the way, the Constitution belongs to We, the People, not any of the three formally declared branches, not even the Supreme Court. The government serves at our pleasure, as long as stays in within its delegated bounds.

      Some folk think the Constitution itself is too generous with the people’s power, but I think anyone who reads it can tell the Feds have gone way, way over the line.

  6. Joe in PNG says:

    1) Because America
    2) Because ducks & deer don’t put people into gulags or mass graves
    3) Beause more bullets & less recoil is fun

    Bonus: an oldie- nobody ever finished defending their life with a gun, and then wished they had less ammo.

  7. TS says:

    At least half of them seem to be dropping the pistol grip/flash suppressor/shoulder thing BS and are calling for all out bans on all semi-auto actions. Then again, I bet they are using those words interchangeably with “assault weapon” and don’t know the difference- but it sounds real scary when you say it slooowwwww.

  8. AuricTech says:

    From what I’ve read, a major reason Arizona House Bill 2640 passed was that the Federal part of .gov has steadfastly refused to secure our southern border, thus thus creating a hazard for hunters hobbled by a five-round magazine capacity limit. Two-legged predators are, thanks to .gov inaction, far too common here in southern Arizona. I see no reason to deny hunters their inherent right to self-defense by limiting their magazine capacity.

  9. Firehand says:

    When dealing with people like this, I’m more and more inclined to ‘Because Fuck You, that’s why’ as a response. You’ll get at least as much reasoned response as an actual listing of facts would, and it’s more fun.

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