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A common anti-gun argument is “I’ve gone my entire life without needing a gun…” and generally a line about guns being unnecessary, or people who own and/or carry guns for self-defense as being somehow paranoid or irrational.

Of course its a straw man, as well as being VERY arrogant. I mean I’ve never:

-Been Raped
-Had Cancer
-Had a Heart Attack
-Had a Stroke
-Been in a serious car accident
-Fallen off a ladder or roof
-Had an unplanned pregnancy
-Had a home fire

The list could go on for AGES. Of course those are all real things to consider in our lives. Some are things others are at greater risk for. I’m not in a high risk for stroke or heart attack, but encounter people who are. Also as a male I run a much lower risk of being forcibly raped than a female. Further all of these things I could live my entire life and never encounter, or I could encounter many of them on my way home for work.

Still when it comes to antis trying to belittle the need for self defense, I wonder how much of it is them attempting to push a factually incorrect agenda, and how much is it people who have made no preparations or considerations about protecting their lives, or the lives of those they care about.

I think this is why they MUST Demonize George Zimmerman, and ignore any possibility of Trayvon Martin committing any crimes.

There is a very real possibility that George Zimmerman was attacked by a drug addled teenager, and if George hadn’t shot Trayvon, George would be the dead man, and Trayvon would be the person facing criminal charges.

The idea that an unarmed minor could kill you simply because the demons in their mind say that’s a good idea is TERRIFYING to people who push the anti-self-defense and anti-gun agenda, so that simply can’t exist.

What do you think? Think I’m close to the mark?

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  1. Jon says:

    I’ve never needed a gun in my half century, either, but I still own and carry when appropriate.

  2. This is a known phenomenon that happens to everyone. You believe that:

    “There is a very real possibility that George Zimmerman was attacked by a drug addled teenager, and if George hadn’t shot Trayvon, George would be the dead man, and Trayvon would be the person facing criminal charges.”

    They believe something like:

    “There is a real possibility that George Zimmerman mistrusted blacks and tried to physically restrain Martin to prevent him from “getting away”, resulting in Martin defending himself, and ultimately Zimmerman shooting Martin when Martin got the upper hand.”

    Both scenarios are possible with the evidence that we have. Each side truely believes their version of what happened, and believe the other side’s version is unreasonable, racist, or a down right lie.

    Personally, I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


    • mike w. says:

      Had Zimmerman ever tried to physically restrain any other “suspicious persons” he encountered in the neighborhood in the past?

      Simply following Martin, or even approaching Martin to ask him what he was up to is not a crime and is not justification to cold clock Zimmerman and start beating his ass.

      Scenario #1 jives with the evidence and the witness statement. We go by the evidence we have, which is why Zimmerman isn’t in jail.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        I think you’re missing the gist of my post.

        I’m not talking about the validity of the scenarios. I’m just noting that while all the gun blogs I’ve read have always noted that Zimmerman very well may have committed murder or manslaughter that night.

        Meanwhile I have yet to see a single anti-gun or “Progressive”such blogger so much as admit that Martin may have been twisted on drugs that night, let alone attempting to murder Zimmerman At the time of his death.

        I’m musing on that disconnect.

        • I understand what you were saying, my point was that everyone does it to some degree or other. I agree that the “Left” tends to do it more, but then they also seem to run on emotion more than cold logic too.


      • “Had Zimmerman ever tried to physically restrain any other “suspicious persons” he encountered in the neighborhood in the past?”

        Had Martin ever tried to physically attack any other “following persons” he encountered in the neighborhood in the past?

        See what I did there?

        The witness statements that I have heard of start somewhere in the middle of the fight and don’t say anything about how the fight started. Please point me at any that do.

        The evidence that we have doesn’t PROVE (or disprove) either scenario. Circumstances might suggest one over the other, but courts work on evidence, not suggestions. The reason that Zimmerman isn’t in jail is likely that the prosecutor looked at what the Sanford PD gave him and decided that it wasn’t enough and told them to investigate and build a case on what the found rather than arresting/charging Zimmerman now and starting the “Speedy trial” clock. Rushing a case to trial before they had their ducks in a row is precisely why Casey Anthony is not in jail.


  3. mike w. says:

    I’ve never been in a car accident where my seatbelt saved me from serious injury. I still put it on every damn time I get in a car. The same goes for millions of other Americans.

  4. McThag says:

    I’ve never needed a blow-job either. That has nothing to do with wanting or liking them.

    Why do they always try to couch the argument in terms of need?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Because they want to ban them. PERIOD. They claim they don’t, or they admit they USED to want to do that but have given it up.

      Nope. They never say such-and-such gun-control law is ineffective, or overly egregious, because none of them are enough because there are still armed private citizens.

      Even in the UK there are people who are after banning those .22 rifles and break-action shotguns. And given that in the UK you can never legally NEED a gun because self-defense is banned with them or any other purpose-built tool, they have a DAMN good case.

      So NEED does have SOME value. Granted so long as a case of need can be made for my pistols, and my combat shotgun, and my rifles, then my desire for Mosin Nagant rifles and eastern bloc pistols, and potmetal mouse guns, which I would only reach for in a time of NEED in the same desperation that I’d reach for my wife’s chef knife as a defensive weapon, can’t do any additional harm.

      So while NEED is never a justification for a right, nor is is justification for property.

      But we can never forget that NEED does exist, as it makes a VERY powerful argument against those who don’t believe in natural rights or the US Constitution. And not believing in the Constitution or Natural rights is a perquisite for wanting to ban guns.

      Same goes for making 4th Amendment arguments against the TSA. Its a slam dunk case….except the people who installed the TSA and continue to feed them power never beilved in the 4th Amendment in the first place.

      While we could probably disband those degenerate fuckers via a SCOTUS decision, but a rational case about the cost of the TSA, the inconvenience of the TSA, and the fact that they accomplish NOTHING, might be a LOT faster route.

      A case of NEED is a VERY valid point.

  5. I’ve never had a frontal labotomy (not that you could tell some days), but I don’t rule out the possibility. You know, for a vacation, it might be fun.


  6. Archer says:

    “I’ve never needed a gun for anything….”

    That’s not to say they never will. And if they ever do need a gun, they’re likely going to need it right freaking NOW!

    Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t.

  7. Linoge says:

    The “I’ve never needed…” argument is pure and simple narcissism based on anecdotal evidence, and should be regarded – and discarded – as such. Likewise, remember that people typically lead with their best arguments, and if that is all the anti-rights cultists can manage… well, it speaks volumes, does it not?

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