Good Morning Listen

Serious Gun drops short podcasts every few days. He’s short, and to the point, and I love his product for that.

Last night’s cast was a REALLY good one. He talks exclusively about the Zimmerman/Martin case and about safety and self defense.

He leads with talking about hoodies. He makes a very good point. All the talk of race and clothing is abject bullshit. This is NOT a case about race, and it is NOT a case about wearing a hoodie in the rain. This is a case about ASSAULT and SELF DEFENSE!

The rubber meets the road with who assaulted who, and who was defending themselves. Did Zimmerman assault Martin in an attempt to “Arrest” him, and Martin struck back? Did Martin jump Zimmerman?

The people who are talking about race and clothing are NOT talking about Assault and Self Defense.

There’s a reason for that.

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  1. SGB says:

    Thanks for the link and kind words!

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