About Time!

Daniel Harless fired from Canton police force


Unfortunately no word on criminal charges being filed. I’m not holding my breath either, but this monster needs to spend some time in Jail before he’s turned lose stripped of his badge and gun.

h/t Thirdpower

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  1. bluesun says:

    Sooo… psychopath, loose on the streets? Wheeee.

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  3. chiefjaybob says:

    Oh, no, you didn’t read the story. He has PTSD. He has a disease that wasn’t diagnosed FOR EIGHT YEARS. But he is ill. He needs help. He shouldn’t have been fired. We must help him. A suspect NEARLY BIT HIS FINGER OFF, while trying to get his gun! How would you react?!?!


    The union is appealing. If I were a union member, I would be ashamed.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      The irony(?) is, if he’d acted professionally and listened to the CCW holder when he attempted to notify, none of this would have happened.

      • chiefjaybob says:

        The other ironic thing is that Harless was so busy blowing a gasket that it never occurred to him that if Bartlett had wanted, he easily could’ve shot Harless’ partner while he searched the back of Bartlett’s car– with him it!

        Uh…. What?

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Well Harless had threatened to murder a few other people in the line of duty. It could have been that it never would have come to light as the other people were people who had more serious charges leveled against them, rather than a guy seeking to dismiss the nebulous charge of “failure to notify”.

        Given a long enough timeline this monster likely would have murdered somebody, and knowing what I’ve seen of Canton PD, they would have done their best to cover it up.

    • “A suspect NEARLY BIT HIS FINGER OFF, while trying to get his gun! How would you react?!?!”

      Is this a bad place to launch into a tirade about the “be a man” mentality? Because I really want to. I’ll scrub plans for another tantrum at my place and do it there. But for now, let me just say that the guy has PTSD, a legitimate mental illness. What caused it is not grounds to make fun of him. Go pound sand, you sanctimonious jackass.

      That being said, the guy did need to be canned, it should have happened immediately, and he should be going to court-ordered therapy.

  4. MAJ Mike says:

    This officier’s state of mental health precludes him from being a policeman. He is a danger to his collegues and to those he has sworn to serve. Maybe he can get a job as a union official. He seems to have the appropriate people skills.

  5. Even if his appeal fails, this asshat will probably pop up on some other police force shortly. Probably a small town. His undiagnosed PTSD is a bullshit excuse for bad behavior not only on this stop, but on others as well. This fool is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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