Open Letter

To Joan Peterson from a survivor of violence (by Joan’s definition anyway)

Go read the whole thing

People like Joan are upset with us because we expose them for what they are. You see Joan doesn’t care about Sarah an Cee, and would rather they have NOT been able to defend themselves. They call us “disrespectful” to victims, but the only respect they level is using them to further their agenda.

You’ll note what they propose is holding candles, banning magazines, banning carry, banning private sales and expanding gun-free zones, among other things. What do all of these things have in common? They wouldn’t have saved any of the lives being “Honored”

Meanwhile our group made a pledge to stop ALL violence, not just “Gun Violence”, and we have the proven means to do it.

But that’s “Disrespectful” because their agenda is more important than the truth. I mean no disrespect, but I certainly will give no respect to people like this.

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  1. North says:

    A Girl and Her Gun posted:

    I do find it interesting that for a group that claims to care so much about people, you didn’t offer me one bit of concern. You didn’t say, gee that must have been hard or I am sorry for your daughter. You just said I missed the point. I think I got it. Loud and clear. Me, the person, the victim, doesn’t matter at all to you.

    I replied:

    That is exactly it. You’ve uncovered the fraud that they hide. “Gun victims” are nothing more than people that they use for their own agenda. You are valuable to them only if you are beaten and weak. They then twist you to their purpose – controlling others.

    Once you are strong – even a little stronger than a completely submissive weakling – you are stronger than they are. They have no use for you.

    To hell with your fear. To hell with your nightmares and your hurt. Those mean nothing to them if you are not their patsy. Be their tool and they will parade you around for their own gain. Show backbone, and you become insignificant.

    Thank God you are now more than what they want you to be.

  2. Eck! says:

    Weer’d, nail hit.

    They need victims or the have no agenda. That in it self would be good if
    violence diminished and there were no more victims but that does not meet
    their goal test. In short they need victims if they are to gain control.

    As to Joan, sorry but the cognitive dissonance is strong with her. She sees
    those that don’t quietly nod yes and march behind her as the enemy. That
    makes her the fifth column shilling to the forth estate. I do view that her as
    the puppet of the worst sort, the fervent believer, those that “know in their
    heart” they are right and everyone else is wrong. That is a true fail.


  3. Kerry says:

    If we didn’t “care” about the victims, in a criminal attack we’d join in the shooting. They are holding up candles to illumnate their superior caring skills. ” We care. See. See. See us care. Care. Care. We care.”

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