Ammo and Numbers Game

They’re trying to ban online ammo sales:

The proposal was introduced outside New York City Hall by New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg and New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, and it marked the latest development in the gun control debate rekindled after 12 people were killed and 58 others wounded in the July 20 shooting inside an Aurora, Colo., movie theater….The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act would require buyers who are not dealers to present a photo ID at the time of purchase, “effectively banning the online or mail-order purchase of ammo by regular citizens,” according to a summary of the legislation provided to Fox News.

The three other provisions are: Only licensed dealers can sell ammunition, the licensed dealers must keep records of ammunition sales and they must report the sales of more than 1,000 rounds to an unlicensed buyer within five business days.

Lautenberg and McCarthy said they will introduce the legislation later this week.

First up this won’t fly. Lautenberg and McCarthy are two of the biggest losers on the hill, and everybody knows they come from extremist districts of anti-freedom moonbats, and to tie in with them is the political equivalent to grabbing a boat anchor in the deep end of the pool.

He also said the legislation is a “common sense” effort to flag suspicious activity and help prevent such sales to “a terrorist or the next would-be mass murderer.”

Or maybe not. Let’s say you bought a Nagant revolver because you like history, and they’re cheap. Then you want to shoot it. Privi Partizan is NOT boutique ammo, its fairly cheap stuff from Croatia, but that’s 50c per round.

But the Nagant is a miliary sidearm, so they have surplus ammo! Buy that can and you’re looking at 30c per round! That adds up quicky. Hell just one string in the 7-shot Nagant you’re saving $1.40!!! Hey, but that’s 92 rounds over 1,000!!!! You must be a terrorist!!!!

To comply with the law the house will have to open the sealed tin (which is a bit of a selling point in itself, as while the tin is sealed its preserved from the effects of time) and sell the packs in multiples under 1,000…and of course they’ll charge for their time re-bundling the ammo packs!

And of course this isn’t a safety factor. I’ve bought thousands of rounds online, often in large multiples (generally in lots of 500 or 1,000 because most standard packs of ammo come in boxes of 20 or 50, but odd deals get odd numbers, like my crate of 900 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO, that could have easily been 1,100 rounds, it was a good deal for a good number of rounds, so I bought it!), and of course with shipping costs its not uncommon for two or three people to go in on one bulk deal for a common caliber.

This is not terrorist or criminal acts…its not even an uncommon act. Thankfully people already know that and this bill will go nowhere.

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  1. Jack says:

    It also shows the deep ignornace of gun owners and shooting. And also runs into “Is Not Need. Is Right. ”

    I find that with a lot of people that don’t shoot one hundred rounds is some near mystical figure to them and a thousand seems beyond comprehension. Though that gets dispelled very quickly with a bit of explanation. The best explanation being taking them to the range. Especially if you start out with 22.

    Then you get ’em going “More? More!” And wondering where that brick of ammo went.

    • Greg Camp says:

      Two bricks of .22 LR would be well over the 1,000 round limit, and that would set you back only $30. These clowns ought to get a clue before running their mouths.

  2. James says:

    Lautenberg and McCarthy are playing quite a game, as with the other controllers. I think repeatedly educating the non-shooting public is the only way to get through to them, although it seems those not wanting facts will continue with fingers deeply embedded in their ears.

    I cannot make up my mind in what modus operandi they are scheming. They are stupid or ignorant to the facts (and refuse to learn the facts) of common firearm usage and acquisition. They really believe in some asinine collective unicorn theory even though their proposals don’t have a rat’s ass of a chance of solving anything other than infringing on individual’s rights.

    Or they are operating under the assumption we are stupid, or rather the non-shooting public is stupid and gullible and will fall for the misrepresentations they make. Based on opinion polling, this scheme will fail because by a small majority, voters keep rejecting their shrieks for more controls. I guess maybe they are going for the camel’s nose under the tent thing.

    Side note, Weerd: PRVI is Serbian. Croatia is the land of HS, the manufacturer of Springfield Armory’s XD. Also, I love PPU headstamped brass for handloading for my FAL. It seems a little softer than most brass and lasts more reloading cycles.

  3. Erin Palette says:

    So if 1001 is the magic number that triggers reporting, what is stopping me from going to a metropolitan area with lots of gun stores and buying 1000 rounds from a dozen shops?

  4. Greg Camp says:

    I have to say, anyone who can shoot 1,000 rounds through a Nagant revolver in a short period has earned my respect. The trigger weight is around twenty pounds in double action. Still, that tin of ammo is tempting. The dang Russian gun is steampunk cool.

  5. Never mind that none of this would have done anything to stop the ass-hat in the Colorado movie house, or even decrease the carnage there. All reports that I have heard say that he bought his firearms legally. Had this stupid law been in place, he would have just bought a little at a time, here and there to throw of suspician. Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have had such a stockpile of extra ammo at home when he went on his rampage, but to be blunt, it wasn’t the ammo he left at home that he was using to kill people.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      He bought all his guns legally, and one-at-a-time over several months.

      The only thing that would have stopped this would have been an armed citizen…and even that is a slim chance.

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