Another LOL!

Wow this video is surreal!

I laughed at “These are the facts!” (except they’re already proven false years ago)

Also “How Does Mr X get away with this?” when talking about a hypothetical straw buyer.

Easy, Mr. X is an FBI informant, and gun dealers were threatened by the ATF that they would lose their licenses, and therefore their business if they didn’t let the informants buy large quantities of guns with US tax dollars, and then walk them over the boarder.

Of course the “Solutions” that the video calls for are the EXACT reason why Fast and Furious was started. It wasn’t an “ATF Sting” that “failed”, as there was nothing in their tactics that went wrong. The whole goal was to ship US weapons to the Mexican cartels and have them murder people, then when Mexico captured cartel soldiers they would send the guns back to the US to be traced, and the ATF would deny any knowledge of their involvement of the sale of that firearm. President Obama would then push for gun control.

The only thing that went wrong was the ATF fiends got caught!

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  1. alan says:

    Fake but accurate video from an alternate universe of the liberal mind.

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  3. Frank says:

    For the sake of argument could you provide information saying proving claims are false? Of course I know about Holder’s failures as a public official and human being, but frankly speaking shouldn’t you provide evidence for the liberals or those who are on the fence? 🙂

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