Morning Laugh

I’m not even going to quote this article except for the title. Its hilarious, go take a look into the bizzaro universe of the anti-freedom cult:

How to Break NRA’s Grip on Politics: Michael R. Bloomberg

Good luck with that, Mike. I suspect you’ll find that when your key talking points are fabricated, you’ll find they don’t translate into reality.

But go ahead and keep pushing the myth. Yeah all us gunnies are with you Mike, we just need you to present a few more bills and crush the NRA with your cute little AstroTurf lobby group!

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  1. Jack says:

    Out and out support for police state? Check

    Screaming about the “gun show loophole”? Check

    Going all “series of tubes!”? Check

    Saying the evil NRA is all industry money? Check

    The NRA is just a paper tiger and his organization is where the real support is? Check

    Saying all gun owners really, really like him? Check

    Openly pushing for pre-crime? Check

    Comments disabled? Check

    A desire for a “strong leader” to take hold of the situation and cut through all this red tape? Oh yeah, Check

    And of course the: Obama and Me aren’t really after your gun’s, that’s just silly. Now what kinds of guns can we ban next?

    I’m a bit shocked there wasn’t any pleading towards the Fudds.

  2. Bill Baldwin says:

    “The Supreme Court recognized that the Second Amendment grants citizens the right to bear arms…”

    Well, not quite you fool, the Bill of Rights PROTECTS those existing rights, but I see what you’re trying to do there. If the government grants it, the government can take it.

    “Stopping them requires background checks for every gun sale…”

    And I will ask the same question again, that goes unanswered. What would compel the criminals, selling firearms to other criminals, to comply with conducting a private sale background check? The simple answer is nothing, short of nation wide firearms registration, and SCOTUS has already ruled that a prohibited person cannot be compelled to register a firearm.

    • Jack says:

      ‘If the government grants it, the government can take it.”

      Well of course, otherwise his city would be guilty of a massive infringement on rights by making it so that only the Baron’s flunkies and buddies can legally bear arms.

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