Anti-Gun Bingo!

Wow, I’m just amazed at the irony of this article.

There’s really no kind or diplomatic way to put this: Gun nuts are just that, nuts.

Now don’t shoot me, please, for calling it as I see it. But after watching the local gun-control argument for the past half a century, I’ve come to the conclusion that rational, intelligent people don’t want to live in a community where everybody is armed to teeth and carries extra clips in their fanny packs.

Check your anti-rights Bingo Card! We have Insults, “Everybody armed”, and improper use of clips. Got your cards marked?

An ambush by Republican state lawmakers this week was thwarted 3-2 in a state Senate committee that had three smarter people than the two who thought it’s a perfectly marvelous idea to wonder who inside a packed, dark cinema has a loaded, 9 mm Glock G17 with the safety off tucked in their hoodie pocket or their kid’s diaper bag.

OK so check your cards again. We have “supporting the 2nd Amendment is an extremist position” in this case a “Republican Position”. (Let’s not look at how many Democrats support the 2nd Amendment or how gun control seems to be the drum only beaten by some of the most extreme “Progressive” leftists) and impossible/improbable gun situations. The whole article does a great job of making a case that he knows NOTHING about what he’s talking about but well, more on this later.

Now don’t go rolling your eyes. I’m no anti-gun freak. I grew up in a place in southeast Colorado where more folks than not have a rifle or a handgun tucked under the front seat of the truck to get that damned coyote that’s been wreaking havoc with the stock, or to quickly end the misery of the stupid sheep that broke all its legs trying to untangle itself from a broken fence. I like shooting off guns. It’s a guy thing.

Back to those cards. You can mark “I’m not Anti-gun/I’m a Gun Owner But…”, also note that guns are just for hunting, sporting, and shooting animals. Defending your life, or the life of your family members…”Just Nuts”.

Oh and you can mark your “Sexist Remark” square! You know because ladies are too delicate, fragile, and wimpy to shoot guns.

I realize that I’m OK with me carrying a little pistol in my pocket, but I am in no way OK with you carrying one.

Mark your “Rules for Thee, but not for Me” Square.

I have yet to hear a single, compelling argument from these whack jobs as to why in the sam hell they think it’s a good idea to make it super-duper easy for just about anyone to pack heat anywhere. Worst among their misfires are the arguments that if everyone has a gun, we’re all safer because nobody would dare pull a gun.

mark it! He continue to not hear compelling arguments, because of the above illustration.

Man, that’s just crazy talk. That used to be called Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD, when we played that game with nukes. The only thing that will happen when everybody gets a gun is that more people will start shooting themselves, more good cops will quit because they don’t want to get shot by gun-toting dorks, more innocent people will be shot by nuts with guns who have no business handling them anywhere, especially in public places, and stores will sell more guns and bullets. Nothing there says “safer community” to me.

“Blood in the Streets”, Mark it!

Another stupid argument Neville made for ending concealed weapon permits is that Vermont, Arizona, Wyoming and Alaska do it.

Dude, this ain’t Wyoming. If you think it’s a kicking time to go to bars where lord-only-knows-who has a hog-leg in their boot, by all means, go there. Stay there.

Oh a rare “This isn’t X” argument! And doubly rare when “The South” isn’t the whipping boy for arrogant Northern Elitists. I seriously think All Anti-Rights people from Northeast Cities think the entire South is just a bunch of fat bearded white guys (with sun burned necks, natch) sitting around in lawn furniture in front of a single-wide passing around a moonshine jug and talking about how much they hate N***ers, and debating when its time to break out the sheets.

Just look to Arizona, land of the OK Corral and the Giffords’ meeting massacre. Supposed hero Joe Zamudio had a drive-through pistol in his pocket the day an insane man with a gun opened fire in Tucson.

He said it emboldened him to race to the scene. He pulled his gun on the wrong guy. “I told him to ‘Drop it, drop it,” he told TV reporters. He said he was just “lucky” he didn’t pull the trigger on the innocent man in the split seconds he had to decide what to do.

Man this guy is pushing for victory! We have an Old West Reference, a little Gabby Giffords blood-dancing (BTW How much love do you think these angry insult-slinging elitists would have for a pro-gun Democrat like Giffords if she HADN’T been shot?), and both admonishment for Joe Zamudio as well as misrepresenting the events.

I saved the best for last!

In fact, I would say that I would have been able to support Republican Sen. Tim Neville’s no-permit-necessary bill — if I were the only one it applied to. You see, being smarter than gun-nuts…Folks, luck isn’t what should be driving gun-control legislation. Wisdom and reason are what we need at the Capitol, and probably IQ tests.

Yep we have “Gun People are Stupid”, despite this being a fact-free piece filled with juvenile insults, and pure ignorance.

EPIC irony!

BTW somebody should make an anti-gun Bingo card! It would be fun to play!

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  1. BobG says:

    Damn, the only thing he is missing are the dick jokes.
    The guy can sure spew out a stream of bullshit, can’t he?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I was Amazed he did all that hate and ignorance and never once talked about the penises of men he didn’t know.

      Tho he did admit to shooting guns, so maybe he figured out that it does nothing in your pants.

  2. North says:

    You had a post a while back about the number of professionals (engineers, doctors) that are a part of this redneck group. But he is smarter than us, right?

    He can take the IQ test. If he isn’t smarter than us, then the rest of his ‘points’ are null.

    Sit down, kid. Smarter people are talking.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, I didn’t embrace my inner redneck until I was in college. Portland isn’t the “Big City” but when you move to Orono Maine which is in the MIDDLE of the woods, you quickly discover new hobbies.

      I discovered shooting guns, and Offroad Driving. Sure I was still catching the latest play held by the drama department, I was still going to the movies, I was PLAYING in the band.

      But Damn, being a Red Neck is a LOAD of fun.

      Also knowing how to shoot a gun and change a tire means a WHOLE lot more to you when driving down a bad road in the middle of the night, than how many time’s you’ve seen Verdi’s Requiem at the local Orchestra…..

    • North says:

      I commented:

      “Good work!
      I’ll never win. I don’t read either of the anti-gun blogs.
      Too busy reading the nearly 400 blogs on the GBBL.”

      Heh. 500 now, I think.

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  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    Hope he never leaves Colorado and has to go to a State where Glock 17’s with their “Safety Off” are stuffed into Diaper Bags.

    Yet, this Shit-For-Brains can’t seem to get it through his head that, probably several times a day, he is in Close Contact with a Lawful Concealed Carry Holder, and doesn’t even know it.

    I have In-Laws living in Colorado. Been there for Decades, my Best Man was Born and Raised there. They tell me that there is going to be a Civil War soon if those Yuppie Anti-Freedom Progressive Scum who keep moving into the State keep trying to turn Colorado into East Kalifornia.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah he has a common affliction that a surprising number of people seem to have. The idea that EVERY other state is EXACTLY like theirs except for a few others that are “Weird”.

      Surprising since most people haven’t lived their entire lives in just one state. Hell I feel a bit rooted in that I’ve only held primary addresses in Maine and Massachusetts.

      Its so alien when people go to change one states unique and stupid law. Like Massachusetts CONSTANTLY fights allowing construction crews to direct traffic around their own job site. Massachusetts is the ONLY state that mandates that Police officers direct traffic around job sites at extreme expense to the contractors.

      Or the fact that you can’t buy beer in the grocery store in Mass….but in every neighboring state you can buy beer, and sometimes liquor in GAS STATIONS, let alone the grocery store.

      • Robert says:

        Kind of like here in Oregon, were you can’t pump your own gas. I’m not sure whether I’m erked more over the fact that I have to wait for a pump monkey to get around to filling my rig up when I could quite easily and safely get out and do it my own damn self in half the time, or because it makes us like New Jersey.

  5. Greg Camp says:

    Well, gollllly, we southerners always get picked on, but we know how to call things as we see ’em. This character fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. I particlarly wanna know what he means by a safety on a Glock. Glock ain’t got no safety, and don’t nobody even whisper nothing ’bout that dangly thing on the trigger. . .

    O.K., English teacher clutch reengaged.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      If these Elitists got out of their damn Ivory tower and ventured into the south and did so out of curiosity and not contempt, they’d find compared to northern city-folk Southerners are Nicer and have better food….oh and when they judge Northern City Folk as stuck-up assholes… they’re right!

      • Greg Camp says:

        And gun people are nicer still. Many’s the time that I’ve had a pleasant conversation with someone at the range or had the chance to try out a gun that I’d never shot before. I also don’t ever recall being cursed at by a fellow shooter.

    • greenmeanie says:

      GREG! What’s wrong with you! The Glock HAS a safety! Keep your finger off the trigger till you are ready to shoot! 😉

  6. tommy says:

    Wait, how do I take the safety off a Glock when it’s in a diaper bag? I guess if it’s not in a holster, Mr Snuffleupagus’ trunk might get in the trigger guard… maybe.

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