Anti-Rights Honesty

If you don’t read the CSGV twitter feed, now might be a good time to start as Ladd appears to be in one of those manic phases that all anti-freedom bigots have. This tweet rings of truth:

#ThingsIhateMost If our legislators continue 2 bow 2 the #NRA & emasculate our gun laws, the next #Chardon, #Tucson is inevitable #NoMoreNRA

There’s his motivation: HATE! Ladd hates people who don’t agree with them. I don’t think he has the fortitude to commit harm to another person, but I know he’d take great pleasure in in. You all know how violent anti-right activists are.

And of course Ladd knows, if not up front, subconsciously that its not the NRA that’s behind his downward spiral to oblivion, but America as a whole. But it makes him feel better to say “No More NRA”, because he isn’t saying we should round up people who value freedom into box cars.

And of course he cites violent actions by criminals and blame the vast constituency of the NRA for that when they have no blame at all.

Its all about hate. He is consumed by it.

I’d feel bad for him if he wasn’t such a rotten human being.

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  1. It’s really so odd. I think these people are afraid of what they would do with guns and project that onto the rest of us. Who can be that hateful?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      As a rule, yes. If you haven’t scrolled through the links of Uncle’s meme of “Why are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent” it shows a HUGE number of them that are indeed violent people, and probably wouldn’t trust themselves with guns.

      A lot more of them are nasty hateful people who are pretty meek in public, but do have a LOT of malice in their hearts. Just look at the retorts for the Gun Blog Candlelight Vigil for a recent example.

      Within all those sets are the totalitarian utopians. They are exclusively Marxist, and as we see around the world, one of the keys to allowing Marxist control of a nation is a Government monopoly of force, and the ability to purge people who don’t agree with them from society.

      We are some of those people, and the fact that we’re armed, and our guns aren’t exclusively for ducks and deer, we are a threat to their dreams, and we MUST be eliminated, either directly, or indirectly by removing our arms.

      And of course this is ALL proven to fail. The Soviets starved, the Red Chinese Starved, the Cambodians starved, and now Europe is beginning to collapse under the softer, slower “European-Style Socialism”. And the European Union was the first to accomplish this without government funded mass-graves.

      On a smaller scale the gun laws they propose are abject failures. On the widest lens there is zero evidence that gun bans do ANYTHING in terms of crime…on a smaller scale there is some compelling evidence that gun control lowers public safety.

      But they BELIEVE in this, and reality spites them, and that makes them VERY angry!

      This is their world!

  2. Braden Lynch says:

    I really do not see how they can link the NRA to every violent criminal or insane spree killer. Frankly, I am incensed over the constant unfounded accusations.

    Yes, the NRA helps to oppose/eliminate USELESS gun control laws, but the bad guys are simply not getting the vast majority of their guns legally. I understand the two top sources are stolen firearms (illegal) and straw purchase transfers by family members or friends (illegal).

    So, instead, they smear millions of law-abiding Americans who belong to the NRA and deem worthy of hate; instead of focusing on real criminals. Sorry, but you don’t see many criminals with CCW permits or life memberships in the NRA. It’s like accusing all of the Australians for the violence that occurs in Sweden. It’s apples and oranges.

  3. Lissa says:

    Hey, what happened to the New Civility?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well we’re not people, we’re the NRA! They can treat us however they wish. Also just because they’re paid lobbyists, in no way are they the voice of the Joyce Foundation or the Brady Campaign, and an attack on their message is an ugly personal attack!

      Remember standards are good, DOUBLE standards are TWICE as good! 😉

  4. SGB says:

    This is why there is no debate. They see a debate on politics while we see it is a human right. They are not bound by facts while we are – there is no debate. They are wrong. period.

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