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Smartphones can read boarding passes:

A vulnerability in US domestic airline boarding pass barcodes could allow travellers to bring unauthorised items on board, says a security expert.

The codes reveal what kind of airport checks a passenger will face and can be read by smartphones, he says.

It could undermine the US’s PreCheck system which randomly decides which frequent fliers can skip part of the pre-boarding security process.

The barcodes could allow passengers to work out if they had been picked.

Implying that Airport security is worth a God-Damn at finding threats.

Security Theater!

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  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    This is a common failure of computer security systems. The designers of the system are thinking convenience when they really should be realizing that every part of the system that could possibly be exposed to the public WILL be poked and prodded by thousands, if not millions of people who are very smart who will be looking for anything they can use to game the system (some for nefarious ends).

    Any barcode exposed to the public should be a hashed key that leads to the information in a database rather than the actual information. Duh!


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