Fun Story

So my neighbor and I were walking back from the train after work. We saw a new Ford Interceptor rolling down the street. It pulled up to us and it was my other neighbor on duty with local PD.

Got his opinion of the new Taurus Based cruiser (He liked it. Also our Police are evidently too cheap to get the twin turbo version, but he says its plenty fast with the naturally aspirated engine), and I asked him, since I’m up for Renewal how long the permit wait was for my LTC.

He didn’t know the wait time, but DID know that all the Police Departments in the state have been inundated with permits. He added that that was awesome.

Yet another beat cop perfectly happy with people packing!

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  1. JD says:

    Dude I got mine renewed this year and it took almost two months. . . got it the day after my old permit ran out. . . . Check with GOAL they have been tracking this stuff but it is taking a while to get renewals done. . . . and my town is pro 2A

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