At Least They Used the Quotes

Classic Anti-Freedom boilerplate:

Seattle city council members say the spate of shootings in the city has heightened their interest in seeking new gun control regulations. But they say they’re proceeding carefully, since the city’s previous ban on guns in parks was struck down by the courts.

We talked about the Seattle Shooting here, where its discussed that the crimes are all gang-related by people known to ignore the law. Further previous proposals have been struck down because it is ILLEGAL! So Criminals all the way up. Anti-Rights, Pro-Criminal.

Still I was happy to see this:

Harrell: “I’ll be one of many that will lead the efforts in terms of smart gun laws with respect to what happens to our youth when they are carrying unlawful guns. Many of you know about the loophole known as the ‘gun show loophole’ that has been examined. California and Oregon solved that loophole, we have not. I think we need to look at that very closely.”

That “loophole” allows buyers at gun shows to avoid background checks.

Yeah, and California and Oregon are completely crime free, as is my State of Massachusetts that also has no open sales of firearms.

Still they put “loophole” in quotes because there is no such loophole in the law. A criminal buys a gun ANYWHERE by ANY MEANS it is a FEDERAL crime, and they can be arrested and charged as soon as they are caught.

Doesn’t stop them from doing it…but it also doesn’t stop criminal idiots from proposing illegal laws that won’t address any problems.

Its easier than rounding up gang members, because that would be dangerous, and not-very-fun. Instead just harass lawful gun owners and violate state laws, and then go nuts patting yourself on the back for how much “Good” you just did.

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