“Bad Judgement”

OK First Gun Laws are written about people who know NOTHING about guns or how they work. If people this ignorant designed cars, to change your oil you’d need to first invert your car over an oil storage container, you would then insert a pipe cleaner into the oil fill hole and clean out the filter, then fill with oil.

Also “Bad Judgement” is the Massachusetts code word for “Fuck Due Process!”.

Now on to this story from Grand Rapids:

Nicholas Looman said he was not surprised the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office found he complied with state law while carrying a gun into an elementary school voting precinct this week.

He’s disheartened with what he sees as a lack of understanding with open-carry gun laws and has hired an attorney to “explore the possibility” of a lawsuit against local law enforcement authorities.

Looman questions whether being “detained” in an office at Aberdeen Elementary School on voting day violated his personal rights. He is upset with how the whole situation was handled….Through a series of conflicting state laws and exceptions to laws, a person who is licensed to carry a concealed pistol can legally carry that weapon into a school, as long as it is visible.

The state’s “weapons-free school zone” law does not apply to a concealed weapons permit holder, but at the same time, a person with a permit may not carry a hidden weapon into a school, Forsyth said.

What do the Police Say?

In his written opinion, Prosecutor William Forsyth said Looman legally carried his pistol when he went to vote with the gun holstered in plain view at his waist. But he used “extremely poor judgement” in bringing the gun days after a school shooting in Ohio, Forsyth said….“We’re saying that right now, there is a lot of confusion across the state,” he said. “We want to respect the second amendment, but if we want anyplace to be weapons-free, it’s a school.”

OK so are police Law Enforcement, or “Judgement Enforcement”? He didn’t break any laws, guess what, he already has a Mommy and Daddy, and none of them were the cops illegally detaining him.

Also I’ve never crossed this wicket, I always voted in Public buildings in Maine. OK that’s not true, young Moonbat Weer’d Beard did vote for Al Gore on the University of Maine Campus (Which Doesn’t count anyway as any lawful citizen 21+ can open carry with no permit, or conceal carry with a permit. Campus police can ask you to leave, and administrators can expel you, but never will criminal charges be filed. And here in Massachusetts I’ve always voted in public buildings where carry is not prohibited.

But what was this, a school, or a polling place?

Also let’s not forget the myopia of the officer quoted. Just because some place is a legal “Gun Free Zone”, doesn’t mean somebody won’t walk right through that sign and shoot kids. Just look at Ohio.

What you want is not to have Bad Guys with guns, good guys with guns are just fine. Note when cops detained this citizen they didn’t leave their guns in their cars.

It wasn’t a “Gun Free Zone”, and from your stupid logic, you made it worse, officer!

Hopefully he’ll win, tyranny should hurt!

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  1. SGB says:

    Tyranny should be very painful.

  2. bluesun says:

    So , who, exactly, showed bad judgement in this situation? Perhaps the police ought to look in the mirror…

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    I wonder if he was allowed the Right to Vote. If Not…..

    But yeah, the Prosecutor in Michegan thinks he lives in the VolksRepublik.

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