Bystanders WERE Wounded By Police

Yep its confirmed

A bystander who was wounded in today’s gunfire outside New York’s Empire State Building says he’s positive it was a police officer who shot him.

Police have said some of the nine people who were wounded were likely hit by police bullets. They suffered graze wounds or other minor injuries, and police believe at least some of the injuries were caused by bullet fragments that ricocheted off security planters.

The officers had opened fire on a man who had just shot and killed a former co-worker at a business where the gunman had been laid off from his work as a women’s accessories designer. The gunman was killed.

I think the bottom line is that police qualifications are both easy, and infrequently administered. Most cops NEVER shoot their guns until its time to re-qualify, and qualifications are done either annually or bi-annually, and tests are of VERY small round counts.

Also the antis are all saying that CCW holders would have only made things worse, as the cops were horrible shots and they’re “So well trained”. Except can ANYBODY cite a case as bad as this with a civilian shooter?

To be fair the closest I can think of is this case, but using the antis own standards, this guy is a Marine, so he doesn’t really count, just like Jeanne Assam is a “police officer” in their book.

This is just a wild story!

More info here. Sounds like the killer shot his former boss 5 times and tried to just walk away, and it appears that he never fired at police. Oh and the gun was legally bought in Florida, but illegally possessed in NYC…funny how that works. Criminals don’t care.

Oh and all the anti-rights groups are calling this a “Mass Shooting”, except all but one person was shot by Police! Classy!

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  1. Jack says:

    I’ll be interested in a firmer round count on the part of the perp.

    As it’s looking like the perp might have only fired a shot or two if that at the police.

    Course we’re seeing the antis reach where any violent crime with a gun counts as a “gun death” as long as at least one person is killed and the total number of victims is double digits.

    Regardless of how many people were wounded by the police or the nature of the crime.

    Course it helps that this happened in the Media’s own Middle Kingdom, right at a worldwide landmark. Fitting that the Baron’s own armsmen played a role in pumping this up for the antis.

  2. docstrange says:

    I’m calling this “a botched arrest” of a murderer in a public place. Pretty straight up law enforcement cockup.

  3. Alan says:

    Mass shooting by the NYPD. A criminal gang if there ever was one.

  4. George says:

    The marksmanship and restraint under pressure of the NYPD is well documented.

    Good to know that not much has changed in 13 years.

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