Compare and Contrast

Tom Menino is frustrated because of police overtime:

Boston Mayor Tom Menino, Police Commissioner Ed Davis and other city officials held a press conference to address ongoing Back Bay power outages.

Four thousand customers are still without power….The Mayor also addressed businesses that lost money during the blackout. Menino said he is asking NStar how to file for loss of product and reimbursement for public safety. The Mayor said they have spent $85,000 so far on overtime, and he wants the city reimbursed for it.

Now $85k in government money for a private company’s fuckup is no joke. But compare it to THIS:

Boston spent $1.4 million on police overtime at the Occupy Boston encampment…A media representative for Occupy Boston tells the Boston Herald there was no need to spend $1.4 million to patrol and dismantle the encampment because protesters were “not an armed gang.”

Yeah except for the rape, vandalism, and drug dealings…and that’s not counting the huge sum of money needed to clean up and repair the public space from the damage done by the rabble of violent anti-Semite Marxists.

But they were welcomed by Menino because like him this filthy rabble were “Progressive” Leftists, and just because they were showing blatant disregard for the law and an obvious threat to public safety, $1.4 mil is a small price to pay for blaming Republicans and the Jews for everything from the high unemployment rate to morning wood!

But 85 grand for an accident? Legal action MUST be taken!

Sad isn’t it?

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    They’ll spend more than that on lawyers.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Democrat mentality… Just sayin…

  3. jdrush says:

    The occupiers are 16.5 times more dangerous than a power outage.

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