Lynch Mob

We talked about the Zimmerman Florida Shooting here, Sebastian has his insights here.

There’s a LOT of grey here. I will say that whether this is a justified shooting, or murder or manslaughter, it DOES look strongly that the shooting could have been avoided.

Thirdpower is noticing the direction the antis are taking this story, I’m starting to notice things are looking VERY scary.

Have a look at the video in this story. The antis are talking about Zimmerman being “Protected” by Florida’s Stand-your-ground law, except he isn’t, he’s currently under investigation, and for the time being he has yet to be charged with a crime. That may change, and he may end up being charged with murder and with a conviction spending a LOT of time in prison. That isn’t “Protection” that’s due process.

But things are REALLY getting ugly in the CSGV twitter feed. As I type Ladd Everett of CSGV is currently tweeting his propaganda at ANYBODY on twitter who speaks about this case, specifically calling Mr. Zimmerman a “Stalker”. That’s interesting given that a “Stalker” is EXACTLY what Mr. Everett is. So much he got the CSGV twitter account suspended for stalking bloggers who disagreed with him, and this is behavior Mr. Everett continues by posting personal information about people he hates.

Now have a look at this:

“I would’ve smoked his azz like a turkey in November”? Does that sound like a murder threat to you? Note even in the worse case Mr. Zimmerman murdered this young man, and they’re calling for eye-for-an-eye, murder-for-murder, rather than due process. Does Ladd do the responsible thing and try to inject reason into this bloodthirsty frenzy? No he eggs them on.

Now have a look at this? I’ve redacted information to protect Mr. Zimmerman from unlawful retaliation:

So we have people posting murder threats, and people posting Mr. Zimmerman’s Address in Florida. And Ladd Everett is cheering them on.

This is looking scarier and scarier every time I look. I hope this horrible pressure cooker doesn’t explode.

From the looks of it CSGV is rooting them on and encouraging vigilante justice.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

**UPDATE** From the Linked article:

The Sanford neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, did not instigate the encounter, but has received death threats and moved out of his home, his father told the Orlando Sentinel today.

So his address is out there, but he’s not there….I’m comforted that he’s taking actions for his safety, and horribly saddened that he needed to do this.

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  1. Jack says:

    Damn these people are scary.

    Vigilante eye-for-a-eye “justice” is okay if it advances your political agenda eh?

    And if god-forbid someone does take Ladd’s encouragement and murders Mr. Zimmerman well that’s a win for the CSGV isn’t it? Now they can claim two deaths due to those Eeeeevvilll guns. Especially if their agent of vengeance used a firearm himself, then it can be counted as a gun death directly.

    Hell if Zimmerman is attacked and successfully defends himself, that’ll still be a win.

    So they’ll complain that self defense is vigilantism, but when faced with people looking for blood they’ll egg on “mob justice”.

    Sick people. What’s worse is if this “works” I can see the Anti’s doing this again, and again.

    And they want YOU disarmed.

  2. Linoge says:

    The essential thing to remember here is Ladd Everitt WANTS violence. Without people being violent to one another with firearms (and only with firearms), he would be out of a job, and you name another company that would hire a loose cannon like Ladd.

    “Gun control” is losing and he knows it, so he is desperate for anything that would thrust it – and thus him – back into the limelight, and some vigilante killer shooting this schmuck would just make his day.

    People like Ladd are sick, and should be treated as such.

    • Jack says:

      Heck the smuck killing a wannabe vigilante would do for Ladd too.

      This is also the case where it doesn’t have to be a gun death. As any subsequent violence can be blamed on the “first” gun that started this “cycle of violence”.

      Really, this is a natural extension for the antis, they are pro criminal afterall.

  3. I live not too far from Sanford/Lake Mary Fl. One of the local TV newscasts (I heard it from the other room, no idea which one) down here is referring to Mr. Zimmerman as a “Vigilante”, and are also reporting that “no charges have been filed” against him. They did add that the police were still investigating, but seemed like a pretty soft sell to me. They even added that the police are saying that there is no evidence and without evidence they can’t press charges.

    I’m not surprised, the local media is as anti-gun here as it is everywhere else, but it sure seemed to me like they were taking their turn at the stir stick right along with CSGV.


  4. Jacob says:

    The antis, especially Ladd, have been coming unglued since losing Heller and McDonald. Their behavior now does not surprise me one bit. In fact, I expect it will get much worse and much more explicit as time goes on.

  5. Ken says:

    I don’t find it scary. I find it enraging and evil. I will report this to the FBI and will do what I can to ensure that Everitt is convicted and put in a real prison where he will be raped on a daily basis.

  6. Cargosquid says:

    Betcha Joan ignores all of this call for violence against a (currently) innocent man.

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  9. Ladd is a troll and he knows it. Nobody really listens to that dipshit.

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