Criminals Support Criminals

Go figure!

A re-branded ACORN branch in California is raising money to help fund an upcoming “Occupy” protest in Sacramento, has learned.

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment sent out letters this month pleading for contributions of up to $20,000 for buses, food, printing, sound and other supplies for an upcoming event dubbed “Occupy the Capitol.”

The “Occupy” movement has been well known for breaking the law, like protesting without a permit, illegal camping and squatting, indecent exposure and improper disposal of human wastes, drug dealing and use, and of course the violent assaults happen when the police attempt to keep the peace.

And ACORN a group well known for Voter Fraud, and supporting criminal activities.

As a matter of fact I can’t think of a single LEGAL thing ACORN has done. Of course like the “Occupy” groups, ACORN is the criminal front of the Democrat Party.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, they have had their Actions declared Legal, back in 2008. ACORN put together over 250,000 Voter Registrations together in Ohio ( the Famous “Mickey Mouse” signatures), which the DemaCommie Secretary of State at the time declared “Legal and Valid.” The Republitards took her to Federal Court, where a series of Liberal Judges said “it’s Legal.” It went up to SCOTUS, who said….”We ain’t touching this.” Why? Because part of “Bush vs Algore” says “the Secretary of State of each State has the Final Say when it comes to Voting.” And if they Overturned THAT Ruling, then the DemaCommies could claim that Bush was an “Illegal” President, and could be tried for War Crimes, yadda yadda yadda.

    This also explains why the DemaCommie Secretary of State in Minnesota declared Al Franken the Winner, in spite of Proof of Ballot Box Stuffing.

    Besides, do you really think that the guy who used to work for ACORN (oh what’s his name, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC now) would allow a branch of his “Kill the Jews”/George Soros/SEIU/AFL-CIO/ Media Matters/MSM Coalition to be forced out of Existence? Please, it’s an Election Year!

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