Its going on both sides. Joan Peterson has a post up claiming people are “Demonizing” Trayvon Martin by bringing up the facts about his checkered school record. What could possibly be the relevance that Martin may have had a habit of stealing high-value items, and doing drugs. Obviously Zimmerman was calling the cops because a Black person was wearing a hooded sweatshirt in his neighborhood. That whole recorded 911 discussion about being concerned about break-ins in the neighborhood and Martin appearing to be on drugs and behaving strangely are just some racist ruse.

Meanwhile Joan links this gem of a “News” Story.

In 2005, Zimmerman, then 20, was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer,” both which are third-degree felonies. The charge was reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then waived when he entered an alcohol education program. Contemporaneous accounts indicate he shoved an officer who was questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking at an Orange County bar.

In August 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman counterfiled for a restraining order against Zuazo. The competing claims were resolved with both restraining orders being granted.

In December 2006, Zimmerman was charged with speeding. The case was dismissed when the officer failed to show up in court.

OK so Even the speeding ticket didn’t stick? There are two kinds of drivers in this world, those who exceed the posted speed limit, and those who lie about it. Zimmerman is THAT squeaky clean!

I have no idea about the “Resisting arrest” story, but given that all charges were dropped it sounds like Zimmerman (who was about 21 at the time depending on the exact date) probably had a little more balls than brains back then, and it sounds like he was likely drinking (who didn’t at that age?) and the cop probably piled the charges a little too thick for the courts to make any semblance of a case.

The restraining order sounds like a typical nasty breakup in these days. Depending on the state laws a restraining order can be issued sight unseen. Overall this is good for people who are REALLY in danger from a stalker or an estranged lover. But it is wrought with abuse as anybody can simply make up a story and the courts are required to act on it. I personally know victims of both.

So who’s demonizing who? The people bringing up documented cases of drugs and theft, as well as supporting circumstantial evidence of gang behavior and violent from Martin’s own twitter account, for a case that claims Martin was violent, on drugs, and possibly out to rob homes, or bringing up a speeding ticket for a man who was severely beaten and forced to shoot his attacker after first calling for help?

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Facts are facts. If you demonize yourself by doing bad things, it’s the public’s right to know about it. Of course, some people get special treatment from the gun grabbers.

  2. TS says:

    Everyone knew he was on suspension when the story broke, but they didn’t know why. Obviously it was going to come out sooner or later. The fact that it ended up being pot instead of harder drugs or violence, helps Martin’s case. I am sure Zimmerman’s defense would have loved to see a record of attacking people.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      There may be such a history, but no record. I was in a few schoolyard fights as a child and there is NO record of that. Also I knew some kids who were REGULAR brawlers, and they had been in DOZENS of fights long before they got their first ride in the back of a cruiser.

      Still the brutality of the attack, I think a tox report of hard drugs in Martin’s systems would tie a LOT of things together. I’m sure Martin will test positive for Marijuana, but stoners don’t attempt to kill strangers as a rule. But if Martin had been shipped North because he was getting into a LOT of trouble, and Dad wanted his son away from the Miami gangs he was running with, and Martin has gone out in the rain to smoke some crack, or PCP, or some Meth, rather than JUST for a pack of skittles and a can of tea, that would explain how Martin ended up on Zimmerman’s chest and was pounding on his face while he shouted for help.

  3. RWC says:

    Regarding the resisting arrest incident, if it is anything like the one I was involved in I can see how it happened. In high school I was at a party where there was alcohol involved (shocka) and VABC had undercover agents there. When the time came to arrest people they randomly selected people and grabbed them. The agent that grabbed my friend didn’t identify himself initially and my friend tried to resist until another agent approached with ID showing. May not be the same situation as Zimmerman but it did involve undercover ABC folks.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh, that makes a LOT of sense. Its very easy to not appropriately identify yourself as an undercover cop, and if a normal person does what cops do, its assault and kidnapping.

      That would also explain the dropped charges.

  4. Yes, both “sides” are trying to show “their guy” in the best light, while showing the “other side’s guy” in the worst light possible. Unless something comes up that can show a pattern of behavior, it doesn’t matter for crap in a court of law. Still, it’s interesting to know that neither guy is a perfect angel.

    I must say, reporting on a speeding ticket? Petty much?


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