The Terror Has Started

We may not have to wait for Zimmerman to be acquitted before the first innocent victims of the racist hysteria happen.

A couple in Sanford, Fla., is afraid for their lives after people posted their home address on Twitter and said it was that of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who shot dead Trayvon Martin.

The mistake reportedly has forced David and Elaine McClain, a couple in their 70s whose home is about four miles from where Martin was shot, to flee to a hotel.

“My youngest son, his last name is Zimmerman and his middle name is George,” Elaine McClain told, but that’s all they have in common.

Among those retweeting the couple’s address was film director Spike Lee, who has nearly 250,000 followers on Twitter.

This is the same behavior exhibited by CSGV, who it appears first goal is to get innocent people killed out of pure ignorance.

On a similar note this joker got chastised for making a scene in the US House.

Rep. Bobby Rush has donned a hoodie during a speech on the House floor deploring the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, receiving a reprimand for violating rules on wearing hats in the House chamber.

The Illinois Democrat spoke out against racial profiling and, as he removed his suit coat and pulled the hood on the sweatshirt he was wearing underneath over his head, said that “just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.”

I’m actually wearing my LL Bean hoodie today. Not to express solidarity with Trayvon Martin whom I believe was shot while attempting to maim or murder George Zimmerman, most likely under in the influence of illegal drugs, but because its fucking cold out.

I agree wearing a hoodie does not make one a hoodlum, but being an Illinois Democrat DOES.

Still Rep. Rush should argue that he’s being racially profiled because nobody said peep when Barny Frank brought his hideous bitch-tits on the house floor.

I’ll close with giving my best wishes to all the Zimmerman families throughout the country, stupid people fueled with hate wish to do bad things, and I hope you all can weather the storm in safety. For George Zimmerman I wonder if he will ever find peace even after his name is cleared in a court of law.

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  1. I’ll still argue that there is just not enough evidence to conclusively say either way who the guilty party is. Sure, there is a lot of circumstantial this and that, but nothing conclusive. Likely, mistakes were made on both sides (and later by the police who investigated). That being said, I think that there is enough room for reasonable doubt in there that I think that ultimately, Zimmerman either won’t be charged, or won’t be convicted (and there may well be the resulting riots). Who knows, I might be wrong.

    Nothing that I have seen has convinced me that Zimmerman doesn’t at least bear some moral responsiblity. It looks to me like Zimmerman decided that Martin was guilty and decided to persue. From the 911 tape: “These assholes. They always get away.” Had he stepped back and not persued Martin. Had he waited for police and been a good witness like a neighborhood watch member should. Martin would still be alive. Yes, following someone isn’t illegal; however, deciding someone is guilty with absolutely no evidence other than “he looks suspicious” is immoral. I am convinced that it was this immoral act was the catalist for the eventual physical altercation which lead to Martin’s death (regardless of who attacked who). Does it mean that he’s legally culpable? No, not really, it doesn’t say he isn’t either. Legal and moral are two completely seperate animals.

    While we are on the subject of moral culpability. There is a LOT more of that to go around. The Media for it’s lopsided and dishonest reporting, the professional race baiters and shit stirrers like Sharpton and his ilk, and the New Black Panther Party (a price on his head? Really?), will all bear moral culpability for anyone who is killed or harmed due to riots or revenge seeking over this case.


  2. Joe in PNG says:

    I don’t know if there is a word or phrase for this concept, but what do you call it when people think that it is A-Ok to do something evil to people precieved as ‘bad’? Especially when that evil goes against the morals of their particular belief system.

  3. GuardDuck says:

    decided to persue.
    Had he stepped back and not persued Martin. Had he waited for police and been a good witness

    Well, there is a difference between a pursuit and following.

    And in order to be a ‘good witness’ one actually has to be in a position to ‘witness’ something. If what you are trying to witness moves, then in order to witness it you may have to move your vantage point as well.

    Was Zimmerman pursuing? Was he following? Was he two steps behind Martin and breathing down his neck, increasing his speed when Martin did? Or was he several tens of yards or more away and keeping a respectful distance?

    I don’t know, and either do you. I do know that whenever I read somebody castigating Zimmerman for ‘pursuing’ Martin I get the impression that they are imagining the two steps behind and jumping fences after Martin version of events. While I, who has been in situations where I’ve ‘kept an eye’ on a person, am visualizing the keeping a distance while keeping an eye on him version of events.

    I guess the difference is that I can accept that either event may have taken place – while if one has made a unilateral statement that Zimmerman ‘probably brought in on by pursuing’ either has not or cannot envision the other scenario.

  4. Linoge says:

    I wonder if that family would have grounds for an endangerment lawsuit…

  5. Joe in PNG says:

    Meanwhile, in downtown Sanford, many of the businesses are suffering- because face it, the people who are there to march and rant aren’t exactly going to hit the antique stores or the German resturant afterwards… and many of the other folks don’t exactly feel welcome by those who are marching.

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