Wow a pair of videos for you.

and the explanation:

Can anybody expect somebody so stupid to actually TEACH!


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  1. Jack says:

    That’ll teach those Chess-Gang kids to try to trust an authority figure!

    At least they’re learning their 3 S’s at a young age.

    Well gotta expose the kids to the capricious oppression of petty bureaucrats early.

    No wonder it’s the Anti’s ideal society.

  2. Sailorcurt says:

    The message here is clear: DO NOT voluntarily talk to the authorities. Ever. Period. They are not concerned with the best interests of the people they supposedly serve, they are only interested in their best interests.

    If you realize you’ve made an honest mistake. Don’t voluntarily tell them. Obfuscate, hide it, and, if caught, laywer up immediately.

    The proper response to a question from anyone in authority under most circumstances is: “I genuinely desire to cooperate and assist you in any way I can, however my primary concern must be with my own rights and well being, therefore, I must insist that I have the assistance of legal counsel before answering any questions.”

    In this day and age, that’s something you kids need to be taught as soon as they can talk.

  3. Sailorcurt says:

    I meant “your kids” not “you kids”…I’m not THAT old.

    Stupid Fingers

  4. bluesun says:

    I know that I accidentally brought a pocket knife to high school a couple times (being left in my backpack after a camping trip)… and I didn’t tell anyone. Because I liked my pocket knife and didn’t want anyone to take it.

    • mike w. says:

      Heck, I carried one to school for years and no one really cared. At worst a couple teachers would politely ask that I put it away. A few others asked me to use it sometimes.

      Looking back it was totally illegal to carry at all in DE due to blade length, but as a kid I didn’t know that and I just looked at it as a tool. After all, it was just a standard Swiss Army knife.

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