Fallout From the NYC Police Shooting

Let’s face it, the killer shot one person dead, the Police shot 9 people and killed one of them. This is a Police shooting. There will be some fallout from this:

The latest episode came when police say a man disgruntled over losing his job a year ago shot a former colleague to death and pointed his weapon at two police officers in the shadow of a major tourist attraction.

He apparently wasn’t able to fire before police killed him, one firing off seven rounds and the other nine. Bystanders suffered graze wounds, and some were struck by concrete gouged from buildings by the bullets, authorities said. At least one person said he was actually hit by a bullet.

Robert Asika, a 23-year-old tour guide who was hit in the right arm, said he was “100 percent positive” he was shot by a police officer.

A witness told police that laid-off clothing designer Jeffrey Johnson fired at officers, but ballistics evidence so far contradicts that, authorities said….

Those injured can sue the city for damages for personal injury if they can prove officers did not exercise care reasonably required under similar circumstances. The family of a woman killed by police in 1993 received nearly $4 million.

Now this was a VERY dicey shooting. The man COULD have returned fire, so I don’t blame the cops for taking action. Also he had committed what appears to be a 1st Degree murder, so apprehending him is what we pay cops to do. Still we know that police firearms training is VERY lacking

There also are semiannual firearm qualifications which include a two-part lecture, practice fire of 45 rounds of ammunition at stationary targets at 7-, 15-, and 25-yard distances, un-scored practice on a tactical pistol course, and qualification firing of 50 rounds at stationary targets at 7-, 15-, and 25-yard distances. A minimum of 39 hits is required to qualify (78 percent).

So this implies that unless the police officer goes out on his own, he will have fired only 190 rounds at stationary paper targets per year from his duty gun, and only 148 of those rounds in the worst shooting need to even be on paper!

Sebastian notes that outside training is unlikely as there is little shooting or gun culture in Bloomberg country.

This is just senseless!

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  1. JDRush says:

    Seems, from the video, the tactical pistol course might be the one to practice on. Still, the officers had to fire on a guy in a crowd of people- it is a miracle no one else is dead.

  2. Jack says:

    As I mentioned in GBC we’re getting to the point where the Antis will claim that an incident where the goblin didn’t even have a gun counts as a “mass shooting”.

    The mutant in the Empire State Building murder killed one man for revenge. He could have easily done it with a knife. Hey Gun Death!

    He also could have been followed by the police, drawn his knife when confronted by them, and been shot by them… with the police missing and injuring people.

    There you have it. Same deaths, same police response, same casualties. The only difference is that the only guns in the equation were in the hands of the police.

    As some of the news reports have noted, the NYPD did recently shoot to death a knife-wielding man. The only difference is that in that incident the police didn’t hit a bunch of innocent bystanders. Otherwise that would be a “mass shooting” too.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    1. The police in this event were the only ones with the evil high-capacity [sic] assault clips[sic]. The bad guy had a gun that came in under the ten-round limit.

    2. The firearms training described here is on par with what many states require for private citizens to get a carry license. We’re supposed to be untrained and unprofessional, but it’s looking as though we got the same training that the cops did. In addition, I know that I practice a lot more than they seem to do.

    How long will it be before we all receive an apology from the control freaks?

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